Sick or Not

Do I have another sinus infection or don’t I.  My plans to be checked out by my doctor today didn’t materialize.  I will have to wait two days to get checked.  My mold exposure first affected my sinuses with infections that wouldn’t go away no matter what we did.  My sinuses continue to be my weakest point and cause me a great deal of trouble.  A big concern is that I have developed numerous allergies including allergies to most antibiotics.

3 responses to “Sick or Not

  1. Kathy – the best of luck to you and thanks for putting yourself out there in order to educate the world about the total devastation that is wrought on the lives of those of us who had the great misfortune of tangling with this most fomidable adversary. May you continue to heal and experience a full restoration of all that was lost.

  2. Kath, definitely sympathize with the sinus troubles and allergies….hugs!!! Keep us posted on your progress…..

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