Treatments for Allergy

Hi all.  Tomorrow I am doing a treatment to help with my allergies.  It requires very strict routines and diet for three days.  The treatment is a low dose antigen therapy.

One response to “Treatments for Allergy

  1. Keep us posted in regard to your progress Kath, blogs start out slow, but gain momentum as the word gets out… keep posting….as they say….if you build it …..they will come! The mold damaged need what you are attempting to do here …..I know I did 4 years ago when I was first exposed, and totally ignorant of what to do or what was ahead of me until I reached out and you responded to me….without your guideance and encouragement I would not of found Dr. Croft and what was to follow would never have come to be in my life……meeting you here on the Internet was “life changing” for me…..hugs to you today as you begin your treatments!

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