Thank you Melatonin.  I have had two nights where I am in more of a twilight sleep than anything else.  It is as if I were asleep and yet awake because I was thinking of things and worrying about things while not yet really alert.  I have had this problem of restless sleep and insomnia since I became ill.  Finally I gave in and took a melatonin last night.  I finally feel a little better and will probably need to make sure I take it for a while to ensure continued sleep.  In 2004 I was having a particularly bad time with sleep and insomnia.  A quote from my book:

“Sleep which had begun to get better was out of control.  I would fall asleep late, wake up at 4:00 a.m. unable to return to sleep.   Most of the time I would be awake all day and through the next night and day before I could sleep again.  This was a regular pattern.  I would be up for sometimes thirty-six hours before I would sleep eight.”

In 2004 I had begun being sent to medical appointments for the defense in regard to my workers’ compensation claim.  Sleep problems had become a way of life since  becoming ill but thought I had gotten them under control.  The stress from the illness, the appointments and my fear of the future had taken hold.  This pattern of sleeping eight hours and being awake for sometimes 36 continued for quite some time.

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