Layers of Fragrance

I wonder how many give any thought to how many layers of fragrance they are wearing and the amount of chemicals they are being exposed to as a result of these layers.  I know that I never thought much about it until I became ill and my body refused to tolerate fragrances and chemicals of any kind.

Think about it for a moment.  You get up in the morning and shower using fragrant or scented soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.  You exit the shower and put on scented lotions, hair gels and hairspray.  Next comes make-up and perfumes.  Last you put on your clothes that have been laundered in scented soaps and fabric softeners or worse yet come from the dry cleaner.  Every one of these products you have put on your body is full of chemicals.

Your sense of smell over time becomes dulled as your body masks itself to all these fragrances.  Have you ever walked by a little old lady and thought you would keel over from her perfume as if she had taken a bath in it?  After years of putting it on I believe she has become so masked that it takes more and more for her to even smell what she has put on herself.

We need to be more aware of what we are putting on our bodies and absorbing through our skin.  I have learned to do without a lot of products that I have not been able to find that are safe enough for me to wear.  I no longer color my hair, wear fragrant lotions or use fragrant products.  I think that what we put on our skin is worth thinking about.

19 responses to “Layers of Fragrance

  1. You’re absolutely right. We’re a scented country, that’s for sure.

  2. That is something I just never thought before. Now I can’t even go down the laundry soap aisle in a store without gasping.

  3. Roxie Mcclimans

    the pefume some people wear is astoundingly horrible one in particular is oriental scent and everyone that wears it doesn’t realize it but it’s overbearing and stinks on them. ask a friend if you’re not sure and you put too much on why to mask you foul stench come on a little goes a long way and is sooo much nice to smell. the garden dept. are really bad for me can;t stay there too long and also found out last summer the car wash I thought I was going to suffocate.

  4. i hear ya, kathryn — when my body crashed 2 yrs ago, i started to become keenly aware of all of the “extras” in the products i’d been using regularly. and i’m pleasantly surprised at the things i’ve been just fine without.

    • I have learned to live without a lot of things. What I have discovered is that somethings I really do miss and others not so much. Thank you for sharing.

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    My daughter is here for the holidays so I won’t be writing much for the next week. Instead I will repost some of my previous posts for those who may not have read them.

  6. Thank you— may I please reblog you on my blog?????
    I use nothing scented any more— nothing!!!!
    And enjoy your visit with your daughter!!!!!!

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  10. Just the title of the post is descriptive – simply stating that people wear layers of fragrance could make people think in a way they haven’t before. Most people think that just because they didn’t put on perfume, that they are chemical free.

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