My Childhood

I had a pretty normal childhood.  I was the older of two girls.  My sister was asthmatic and spent a lot of time when she was very young in and out of the hospital.  I think what she went through made it easier to understand what I have gone through and allowed her to be such a supportive person in my life. 

My mother worked out of necessity.  I guess my sister and were what is today called Latchkey children.  We came home from school, let ourselves in, phoned mom to let her know we were home, and were then expected to do our chores and homework.  We had our share of catastrophes.  I mention this because I want to emphasize that I had a normal life without any real illness until I was exposed at work.  In my book I talk about my childhood in more detail but want to share this short snippet.

I had my share of emergencies ……The most memorable catastrophe involved our pet goldfish.  I was changing the water in the bowl and had dumped the fish into the sink so I could clean the bowl only to discover that I had forgotten to put water in it.  I immediately filled the sink up but the poor fish wasn’t moving very much.  In a panic I phoned my uncle and asked a simple question, “How do you tell if something is dead?”  Now my uncle had a severe heart condition and immediately thought I was referring to my younger sister.  He said he was on his way over and hung up the phone.  Boy did I hear about it when he got there and realized I was referring to my goldfish.

3 responses to “My Childhood

  1. Ha ha!

  2. Oh Kath….now that gives me a chuckle or two for sure!!!! LOL!!

    • LOL – the things I did as a youngster with my sister. We had and still do have a wonderful life. In fact one of my favorite movies says it all, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. It reminds me that no matter how bad things are, life is precious and wonderful.

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