Sleeping on Blankets

What do other multiple chemical sensitive and mold sensitive sufferers sleep on?  I wondered about that.  When I came from Dallas and moved into my new safe home, I did not have a bed.  I couldn’t tolerate all the chemicals in traditional mattresses.  My only option:  an old metal army cot my husband managed to find and clean for me and cotton blankets.  It took five or six cotton blankets folded in half or thirds depending on the size of the blanket to make my mattress.  The downside, once I crawled in, I immediately sank to the middle.  I was always tossing the blankets in the dryer for two reasons.  The first being to help with dust mites and the second to fluff up the fibers.  The first night’s sleep on those blankets was heavenly, they were warm and soft and fluffy.  By the next night they were cold and matted together.

I ventured out and ordered a wood bed frame and a cotton futon type of organic mattress.  I had it made especially without flame retardant chemicals (you will need a doctor’s prescription for this).  When the mattress arrived it had a very distinct odor about it.  I phoned the company and was told it would need to air out for a couple of weeks.  Since it was summer time, I took it out during the day in the hot sun.  By the third week, I still would get my mold reaction whenever I put my face into the mattress.  I had to send it back which not only cost a restock fee but cost a fortune to send it back by freight.

The cot with the sagging  wires and hard blankets continued to be my bed for a very long time.  One day when visiting a doctor of mine I mentioned the mattress problem.  He said many of his mold patients had resorted to buying air mattresses and letting them off gas in the sun and heat of summer before they could use them.  I was possibly reacting to the organic mattress because organic cotton is not sprayed with fungicide and therefore can have mold spores in it.

My husband and I purchased an air mattress and baked it in the sun for quite a long time.  Then I finally tried it.  I was in heaven.  It was firm and soft.  It didn’t sag in the middle thus alleviating all the bank pain I had been suffering.  Air mattresses, however, are not meant to be used as every day mattresses.  After about a year, they develop a slow leak (which we can never find to fix) or a baffle breaks leaving a huge lump in the middle of the bed.

Aerobed makes a pvc free bed called Performa Lite and there is Kelty Sleep Eazy pvc free air mattress.

I am curious, what do others use or tolerate?

6 responses to “Sleeping on Blankets

  1. Just my trusty organic cotton inner-spring, which is mould affected. I’m still waiting for my new one to air out (it’s winter here) and can’t wait to use it. I’ve heard that some CSesitive people use hammocks, and another lady I know has used the innerspring out of a traditional mattress and laid blankets over the top.

    • Yes I have heard about the innersprings of mattresses being used and had a friend who did that. Then she bought a metal hospital bed and put blankets on top of that as well. Why is your mattress mold affected? Do you live in a moldly environment or is it just from years of being around? How long does it take for you to air out an organic mattress? Are you ok with organic fabrics as well?

  2. I came across this today and I thought about you. It’s an article on making a mattress from straw, although, because of your mould sensitivity that may be out of the question for you. But it’s an ingenious idea, and if we could find our own suitable stuffing, it could be lovely.

  3. I’ve been using a cheap air mattress but the PVC is starting to affect me. I’m thinking of trying the Kelty Sleep Easy. I’m going to call Kelty because the Aerobed Eco Lite is PVC-free AND phtalate-free & I want to know if the Kelty is too. The Eco Lite has polyester flocking though & I don’t do too well with polyester. I have a bad case of MCS.

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