Marketing and Promotion Ideas

I was just informed today via email that I now have a new check-in-coordinator from the self-publishing company I am using.  This is frustrating.  I am waiting for what I hope is the final edit.  I still need to pick 1,000 words from the book to use and get photos for the covers.  The book will be available in hard cover, soft cover and as an e-book.  I have also looked into doing an audio book but I am not sure if this is a viable option at this time.

I am also concerned about how I am going to market and promote this book when it is finally published.  The usual things are author talks and book signings.  I am limited unless I can do this outdoors or for a very short time indoors in a safe place with my mask on but getting prospective buyers to come fragrance free is a challenge.  I have been told there is a way to do author talks and readings via the web from my computer at home.  I still have to check into that.

One option is to host a book launch in my yard or that of a friend and make certain the invitation says “no fragrance.”  This will work but depends on when the book is actually printed because I will have to deal with weather conditions.  I could contact online groups I have been in touch with and advertise my book there.

If any of you readers have any ideas or suggestions, I would love to have you leave a comment for me.



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