Energy balancing, osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture in one

Recently I went to my chiropractor because my left shoulder has been giving me problems.  I experienced this a year ago and with the help of chiropractic work, acupuncture and my IV’s, the shoulder calmed down.

While at one of my sessions with the chiropractor, I mentioned that I no longer had an acupuncturist (mine moved out of the state in January of this year).  He told me he knew an osteopathic doctor  who also did acupuncture including the cupping often used with lung issues like my asthma.  I made my appointment and went to my first visit two weeks ago.

This doctor had never seen anyone quite like me but was encouraging and didn’t make me feel like I was an alien or better yet that I was “crazy”.  The first acupuncture session was going well until another staff member came in wearing body spray to take out the needles.  That set me off into a coughing fit and the doctor had to come and remove them before doing some manipulation.  I left the office feeling like the acupuncture session was good.  However, because of the experience with the body spray I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a good fit for me.

Last week I went again to see how things would go.  I also took with me my letters written by Dr. Rea for her to look at which explains my illness and what I have been through.  She placed the needles and left the room.  When the timer went off she returned and took out the needles.  She talked about the letters and started to do some osteopathic manipulation on me.  One of her first comments was that she felt inflammation on the left side of my face.  I told her that I had experienced an unavoidable exposure the day before and that this was the result, my trigeminal neuralgia acting up.  As she began to help with the inflammation, I could feel the energy in my body moving (much like the energy balancing I had in Dallas at “A Healing Place”  under Deborah Singleton.  At first my thighs became heavy, tingly and warm.  Slowly the sensation went to my calves and then felt stuck at my feet.  She moved down to the legs and then touched my toes.  Immediately my body stiffened and then calmed as the stuck energy was released.

I was amazed.  It was like having three treatments in one.  I had done energy balancing back in Dallas, done acupuncture here at home but never had the osteopathic manipulations.  I walked away feeling terrific and look forward to a session this week.  To learn more about energy balancing and healing, visit

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