Rotation Diet Part 2

I have promised more on the food rotation diet.  When I was at the Environmental Health Center-Dallas in 2002 I was first placed on a 4-day rotation diet.  I was given a book “Rotational Bon Appetit Cookbook” that explained the diet and was told to start rotating foods.  I was in a horrible brain fog at the time and barely could remember how to walk the four blocks where I was staying to the center.  Two other women and I decided that we would do it together.  Maybe three foggy brains would equal one good brain.  We sat down and started making up a menu based on foods and food families.  It was hard.  Our plan  for each of us to be responsible for a meal each day and to sit and eat together worked but quickly fell apart as we each discovered more and more food sensitivities and we were left on our own.  In the beginning I only had nine safe foods which wasn’t near the 25 required to really be able to do the diet.

The rotation diet is very helpful for those of us with multiple food sensitivities.  The four-day rotation of foods follows the theory that most foods passes through the bowels within four days and therefore it is safe to consume the food again lessening the risk of severe reactions.  Food families are also rotated.  It is believed that being sensitive to a food in one food family (corn in the grass family) does not necessarily mean that you would be sensitive to rice or millet that are in the same family.  I discovered that while sensitive to both I could eventually include millet after doing desensitization but not the corn.

I developed a list of foods with their families for each of the four days and then would base what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day’s list.  Here is a sample of my rotation diet list after I had been on desensitization treatments for a while.  You will notice that there are sometimes more than one food item from the same family.  This gave me a choice that day of one or the other.  For example on Day One.  If I chose to have butter on my rice or my artichoke bagel (oh how I miss those bagels), I could not have beef.


Buffalo (137)       Butter (137)       Peach (4ob)    Pork (134)   Rice, Rice Oil (6)

Peas (41)              Crab (82)           Artichoke (80)      Carob (41)     Spinach (28)


Elk (135)             Maple Sugar (50)        Cassava/tapioca (47)        Apple  (40a)

Eggs (124)           Cornish Hen (124)      Potato (74)          Canola Oil (36)

Coconut (8)        Squash (79)


Beef (137)            Lamb (137)        Safflower Oil (80)        Cane Sugar (6)

Cranberry (66)          Rabbit (129)         Millet (6)            Apricot/Apricot Oil (40b)

Water Chestnut (7)       Asparagus (11)         Milk (137)          Taro (9)

Carrots (65)


Venison (135)          Chicken (124)         Grapeseed Oil (52)          Amaranth (30)

Scallops (81)            Blackberry (40c)          Broccoli (36)             Eggplant (74)

Pear (40a)                 Olive, Olive Oil (69)         Flax (44)             Turkey (126)

Sweet Potato (70)

I also found that a certain number of my supplements also had to be rotated because they were in the food families.  For example I could not have cranberry, olive leaf extract, grape seed extract, etc. more than once every four days so I had to develop a rotation guide for them as well.

While I don’t rotate like I did before I try to be careful.  I rotated very faithfully for five or six years. Occasionally I have thought about whether or not I should go back on the diet.  I have become stronger and have more foods than I did before which would probably make rotating a lot easier.  After years of doing all the severe regiments in healing (rotating my foods, rotating my supplements, scheduling in sauna therapy, oxygen therapy and rotating my antigens) it is hard to make myself go back there.  When I moved to my safe house, I didn’t bring anything with me.  I just received my new copy of the Rotational Bon Appetit Cookbook.  I am anxious to reread the entire book and try some of the recipes.

I do not want to make this post too long so I am going to try to post more information and a few recipes from the Bon Appetit Cookbook in the coming posts.  I am also going to see what the 4-day rotation diet would look like today with my new foods.  As soon as I do that I will post it here.

To read more about doing a rotation diet, please visit Julie Genser’s article at Planet Thrive:


2 responses to “Rotation Diet Part 2

  1. My generation was the first to grow up on food additives and preservatives. I believe it those things that cause more of the problem than the actual food. They say the small amounts used are safe for human consumption, but, as far as I know, no long range studies were ever done. Maybe the little bit in one item is safe, but what happens when you combine them, adding little bits on top of each other? I quit using margarine back in the 70’s when I learned that a liquid plastic (in some brands) was used to make it. Contrary to popular opinion, I stick with butter. It has 3 ingredients–sweet cream, salt and milk. They’re easy to read and understand. Look at the list of ingredients on margarine. Who knows what they are! Krohn’s disease is a hardening of the colon, cause unknown. Maybe margarine is to blame? I have nothing medical to base that on; it’s simply a little concern of mine.
    If you want safer supplements, look at Nutrilite. They are made with organic ingredients. My website is: I’ve used them for years without any problems.

    • Food additives, preservatives and baby formula. I, too, stick with butter. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, it surely can’t be good for you. I have used them in the past. I need to take another look at them. Thank you for sharing.

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