E-Z Tortillas

One of the first recipes I tried from the Rotational Bon Appetit Cookbook when I was in Dallas was the tortilla recipe.  I was hungry for bread and had eliminated yeast.  I could only use one type of flour at a time because of the rotation diet.  The recipe was easy.  It has been so long ago that I don’t remember what flour I used.  It took a couple of attempts to do this because I was so sick and doing anything out of the ordinary was a challenge.  It has been a long time since I have made these.   My goal is to make these and report back to you next week.

E-Z Tortillas

1 1/4 cup any flour (corn, millet, oat, rye, amaranth, milo, buckwheat, wheat, quinoa)

1/4 tsp. salt

1/2 cup water (room temperature)

1/2 – 1 tsp. oil, optional (use with quinoa and millet)

Whisk 1 cup of flour and the salt together in a bowl.  Make a “well” in the center and pour in the oil and room temperature water.  Stir several strokes with a fork until the dough clumps together in a ball.

Preheat a large griddle or two skillets.  Scatter the remaining 1/4 cup of flour on a bread board or piece of wax paper**.  Break off balls of dough the size of a golf ball.  Roll them in flour.  Flatten them with your hand, turning often to keep them floured.  As the dough absorbs the flour, the texture becomes more workable.

Roll each tortilla thinner with a rolling-pin.  When thin and 6-7 inches across, check both sides to see that they’re well floured.  Bake them on the hot griddle one or more at a time.  Use no oil.

Bake about 3 minutes on each side.  Put the baked tortillas on wire racks or lay them on cotton towels.  Once you get the feel of making and baking tortillas, you’ll do it quickly and easily.

**  To work on wax paper, wipe your counter with a damp cloth, then lay the paper flat.  The dampness holds the paper in place.  When finished, fold the paper several times and discard for easy cleanup.

If any of you try this recipe, please let me know what you thought, how easy it was and what grain you used.

2 responses to “E-Z Tortillas

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the recipes Kathy…due to the celiacs I have to make everything from scratch now and can’t use any grain flour. Tortilla’s are something I miss so much….am anxious to try this recipe with my almond flour and see if I can have a taco again. I will still miss the cheese and sour cream, but am learning to be thankful for what I can still eat lately….LOL!!

    • Patricia – You can also try bean flours, amaranth and garbanzo bean. Please let me know how they turn out. I am going to see if there are more easy to use recipes. Bette Hagman has some wonderful gluten free cookbooks and she also has gluten free flour mixtures. You may find that you need to mix different gluten free flours to get a better result. She suggests 6 parts rice flour, 2 parts potato starch and 1 part tapicoa starch.

      My daughter recently made Indian Fry Bread. I am going to try it with wheat to get a success then try some other flours. If I have any success, I will report back.

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