Why am I still sick on a 4-day rotation?

When checking the stats on my blog today I discovered that someone had searched “why am I still sick on a 4-day rotation”.  There could be many reasons.  One reason could be that he/she needs to extend the rotation diet to a 6-day or 8-day rotation.  This is because for some they have a longer transit time through the bowels and out of the body.  A 6-day or 8-day rotation diet can be difficult though if you don’t have many foods to rotate.

Another reason is that the person may be just too allergic to the foods and rotating them still isn’t enough as corn was for me.  While re-reading “Rotational Bon Appetit Cookbook” available from the Environmental Health Center-Dallas I discovered some other possible causes.  For some eating more than two food items in the same meal can cause problems and they must follow a mono-rotation diet.

In following a strict rotation diet, it is advised that if you are having a certain food on Day 1 ( corn for example) that you do not have it in more than one meal for that day.  You may have popcorn, corn, corn tortillas and corn oil together in the same meal.  It is not recommended, however, that you eat corn tortillas for dinner and then have popcorn later that night for a snack.  I found myself guilty of doing this sometimes and would have to rethink about whether or not I really needed a snack.

I have also read from information I have for my LDA (low dose antigen) therapy.  One suggestion is that a person eat several different foods in a meal but only one to two tbs. of each item.  I will talk more about this when I discuss the LDA therapy.

2 responses to “Why am I still sick on a 4-day rotation?

  1. If a person is okay with some foods, yet still getting sick, why the need to rotate them? I can’t understand how to tell if it’s food or the exposures;with me, it always seems like the later but after finding out tomatoes make my sense of smell and sinus pain/inflammation worse, I can’t help being suspicious of other foods. I know what I’m okay with and try to stick with that!

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