Me in the beginning

I have been talking to you about how ill I was.  I have shared excerpts from my soon to be published book.  You have seen a picture of the me now – 12 years out from the beginning of my illness.  For you to understand how far I have come even though I am far from over this illness, I have decided to post this picture.  The picture was taken in February 2002 on the day I arrived at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas.  I was taking nebulized Amphotericin-B through my sinuses for a continuing fungal infection and possible osteomyelitis.  I knew I had lost weight and until later when I looked at this picture didn’t realize how skinny I was and how sick I truly looked.  I had been sick at this point for about 2 1/2 years.

4 responses to “Me in the beginning

  1. Your eyes look awful. A friend told me those rings are called ‘allergic shiners’; you know, when a person has a black eye from an injury, except these are caused by allergies. I’m glad you’ve made an improvement… It must have been a hard road, and we’re lucky for you to share your struggle with us! 🙂

    • Miche

      It has been a long road. I was amazed later when I was looking for pictures I wanted in the book. When I had lost the weight I was so excited that I was wearing such a smaller size. I think when you become sick over time you just don’t realize when you look in the mirror how sick you look because you have adjusted to the changes. Looking at the picture now, it brings back some very vivid memories of my struggle.

  2. All I can say is …..WOW! If you had not told me first, I would not of recognized the woman in this picture was you Kathy!

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