E-Z Tortillas Experiment Diary

As I stated recently I was going to try the E-Z tortilla recipe from Rotational Bon Appetit Cookbook obtained from the Environmental Health Center-Dallas.  My plans were to keep a running diary and post after I had tried more than flour.  I have decided to go ahead and post my first try with my notes.  I will be trying again soon and will post on my new attempts. It is exceedingly hot right now which is not conducive to my wanting to bake or cook. 

Sat., Aug 4, 2012

I made a half recipe using only garbanzo bean flour.  I discovered that the flour requires less water than I put in it.  I kneaded in more flour and then baked the tortillas in a cast iron skillet.  I don’t think I like plain garbanzo bean tortillas.  They are a little bitter.   The tortillas are not difficult to make but each flour has its own characteristics which might require more/less water.  Note:  Try replacing some of the garbanzo bean flour with either a gluten-free flour mix or with potato or tapioca starch to lighten the flour and the taste.  Use less water, adding in more, 1 tsp. at a time if necessary.

Will try the tortillas using only a gluten-free flour mixture for my next attempt.


One response to “E-Z Tortillas Experiment Diary

  1. It nice to see you experimenting with this recipe. I love mexican food!

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