Gluten Free

Recently I came across the name of a blog post dedicated to gluten-free recipes (  The recipes looked interesting and I think I would like to try some of them.  While I haven’t eaten gluten-free in some time since I have gotten wheat back into my diet, I think it would be healthier if I ate less than I do.

Many of the bread recipes call for blanched almond flour or coconut flour (I didn’t realize that either were available.).  I have decided that since I am in the experimentation mood, I am going to order each of these flours and see what I think of the bread recipes.  These flours are pricier than the traditional gluten-free flour mixtures but the almond flour offers more protein and I am intrigued by what bread would taste like made with coconut flour.  In reading the recipes I noticed that these recipes used 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar.  Since I am eliminating fermented foods from my diet I am going to try to replace the vinegar with lemon or lime juice to see what the end result will be.  Hopefully since it is  only 1 tsp. the substitution will not be a problem.

I also liked some of the cracker recipes that are on the blog.

If any of you visit the site, please let me know what you think.  I would especially like to hear from any of you who have already been to this site or who have tried her gluten-free recipes.

A side note:  Since preparing this post for publishing I have received both flours.  I hope to try some of the gluten-free recipes soon.  Unfortunately we are in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures over 100 for the past several days and still for some time in the future.  As soon as it cools a bit and I can get myself in the mood to bake, I will report back.

5 responses to “Gluten Free

  1. Kathy, I have been using Elana’ recipe’s now for about 8 months. They are all pretty good. I have tried all the bread recipe’s so far and haven’t found any that I did not like. You might also like to try some Paleo recipes that have a link off of Elana’s page. The Almond flour is not quite so expensive if bought in bulk off the internet and frozen…although I have not ordered any that way yet myself. I especially like her rasberry desert bar recipe so far.
    The rye bread recipe tastes pretty close to store bought. Be sure and use the size pan she lists, as these recipes do not make very big loafs like wheat bread does because they do not rise. All of them have more the consistancy of banana or zuchinni bread.

  2. Patricia

    Thank you for commenting. I am glad to hear that you have tried some of these recipes. I hope to be able to try something this weekend now that I have the flours. Did you use any of the recipes that contain vinegar? If so, did you substitute lemon or lime juice. That is my plan.

  3. Hi Patricia, the site is amazing. I haven’t made anything with coconut flour yet, but I have made walnut balls with almond flour and almond butter. I have both flours in my cupboard though. Do let me know how you go with the bread if you make it. Her Paleo cupcakes look yummy too, can’t wait to try them! On the bottom of her blog, it says people are allowed to use her images and recipes, just so long as they link back to Elena’s pantry; that’s a very generous thing to do… Anyway, thanks for posting, I’m off grains so this is very interesting to me!

    • Miche

      I am excited to try some of the recipes myself now that I have the flours and am going to experiment with lemon or lime juice in place of the vinegar in some of the recipes. Knowing that we can use them, I will post whatever recipe I try and link it back to her blog.

  4. Patricia
    I was already this morning to try and make some of the gluten free bread using almond flour and remembered what you said about the pan size. My pans are so much larger and I don’t want to test using a double or triple batter to make it work. Guess I need to get some smaller pans. Maybe Smart and Final will have some disposable pans that I can buy to try even though I am not a fan of baking in aluminum. Once I decide what size pans I need I can order some.

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