Energetic Shifts

On July 19th I posted on the physical and emotional effects of exposure.  Today I want to talk about how these exposures and recovery affect our energy.  We all have energy running through our bodies and illness can cause the energy to be blocked.  During my healing I have done energy work to balance my energetic fields and in an effort to release these energy blocks.  A big energetic blockage happened when I had my hysterectomy.  The incision for the hysterectomy went through the meridian that ran across my stomach.  I learned by accident in one of my sessions, that by moving my legs in a bicycle fashion, it would release some of the blocked energy and calm a reaction when the tremors were unbearable.

Recently I spoke by email with a friend of mine, Jennie Sherwin, about what can be experienced during energetic shifts.  These experiences can be physical in the form of dizziness, fatigue, extreme nervousness, GI upsets and anxiety to name a few.  One can also experience emotional symptoms such as crying, emotional outbursts, feelings of depression and anger.  Energetic shifts can present themselves mentally in the inability to concentrate or process information.  Someone may also experience a spiritual disconnection and for me I also experienced a lack of emotion and inability to cry.

Energy balancing can sometimes relieve these experiences and symptoms as it helped me.  Sometimes it can cause more shifting and different symptoms may occur before relief occurs.  After some of my sessions, I would go home and just sleep peacefully.  Some sessions would cause restlessness and anger as my body was trying to bring itself back into balance.   I remember having difficulty writing as I shared in the July 19th post with a copy of a page from my journal.  If I wrote for more than a few minutes my writing would become illegible and I would find myself once again holding the pen or pencil in some strange and unfamiliar fashion.  After one particular session I returned to my condo to find myself very relaxed and much in need of writing in my journal.  Suddenly I realized that I had been writing for over a half hour and my handwriting had not made its usual downward spiral.  I was so amazed at how my body was responding.

As we heal from chronic illness, our body goes through many changes.  It is important to realize that some of the symptoms and experiences I have mentioned are part of the healing process.  Once I realized what was going on, I was better equipped to deal with them when they would happen and allow myself to go through them without fear but with the knowledge that their passing often led to another step toward healing both physically and emotionally.  I have gone through many of these healing crises over the past twelve years and am sure I will encounter them again as I push myself forward on my healing journey.

Jennie Sherwin is the author of the recently released book “Intentional Healing:  One Woman’s Path to Higher Consciousness and Freedom From Environmental and Other Chronic Illnesses” available from Amazon.

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