Preparing for LDA

Tomorrow starts my three critical days during my LDA treatment which is the day before treatment, the day of treatment and the day after.  It is during these days that I have to be the most careful.  The diet for those three days because I am receiving treatment for food allergies/sensitivities is very specific.  If I veer from the foods allowed I risk becoming sensitized to them and could possibly lose them until my next treatment.  I am now doing treatments every four to five months so that would be miserable to lose a food for that long because I didn’t follow the protocol.

My house smells of lamb; the smell of lamb stewing in a pot and the smell of lamb frying in a skillet in attempt at rendering out the fat.   During the critical three days I am not able to use any spice other than non iodized salt.  I am not able to use any oils so I use lamb fat to fry my ground lamb patty and shredded potatoes that I eat for breakfast.  Breakfast is the same all three days.

I am allowed to eat either lamb, rabbit (not easily available), venison (if rarely eaten but I have eaten it a lot over the last few years) or fish.  I find that lamb is the easiest.   I am allowed sweet potatoes or yams, parsnips, rutabagas, tapioca or cassava root, cooked carrots, celery and cabbage, rhubarb, bottled or filtered water (I use only bottled water in glass).  During my first few treatments I would could cook a lamb roast with potatoes, celery and carrots and sweet potatoes.  I ate this for all three meals for three days.  By the second day I didn’t even want to eat.  The roast would become dry tasting and the potatoes wouldn’t taste so great.  Just before one session I decided to try making the lamb stew (lamb, potato, sweet potato, celery, cabbage and carrot).  I found it filling and easy to heat up.  The problem was that I didn’t like it for breakfast.  My next brilliant idea was to buy ground lamb and organic  hash browns.  I cooked the lamb in a skillet and because I could not use oil put the hash browns on a tray in the oven.  While it was a change it wasn’t great.  While chatting with others on a site dedicated to EPD/LDA patients I learned about rendering the fat.  I now have a ground lamb patty and  the hash browns cooked in lamb fat for breakfast and stew for lunch, dinner and a snack if I am hungry.  The three days fly pretty fast.

My drive to my doctor’s office is 2 1/2 hours each way and I find that the lamb stew is the easiest to take with me for my lunchtime meal.  I can heat up a glass jar with boiling water, then pour it out and add my lamb stew.  I wrap it in foil and a towel and it stays fairly warm until I am ready to eat it.  Every time I tell myself that I am going to buy a stainless thermos for next time.  And I never think about it again until next time.

Tomorrow I will post more on the LDA protocol and how it works.

5 responses to “Preparing for LDA

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    I have my next LDA treatment this coming Friday. The three-day protocol starts on Thursday. I have bought my lamb and other necessary ingredients for the three day diet and will make my lamb stew on Wednesday so that I will be all set. I will also be reblogging LDA Days 1-3 again as well.

  2. I’m sure you’ll come through just fine but… goodluck anyway!

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