National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week

Today is the start of National Invisible Chronic Illness  Awareness Week which runs through September 16th.

How many of you who are ill with environmental illness, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc. have been told that you don’t look sick?  I have been told that I look good when I feel horrible.  On one hand I am glad that I am not looking as horrible as I may feel but it is hard to explain to others when you may not look as bad as you feel. On August 3, 2012, I posted on this site “Me in the Beginning” When you look at my picture taken in 2002, it is easy to see how sick I was.  I don’t even think I realized how sick I looked until later when I saw my picture.  I knew I felt bad and something horrible was wrong but looking at myself in the mirror daily the changes were gradual.  I didn’t suddenly wake up with dark circles, a haunting look, skinnier than I had ever been and with yellowing skin tone.

I want to raise awareness that environmental illness, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other chronic illness may not necessarily affect a person’s appearance. It is truly and invisible and silent terror that many go through on a daily basis.  I hope that a day will come when someone says they have some unusual or unexplained illness, they will be treated with respect and their complaints taken seriously.

I am posting two links for you as well.  The first is a link from an article written by Toni Bernhard.  Tony wrote an amazing book, “How to Be Sick” (A link to Toni’s website can be found on the side of my blog).  The second link will take you to the Invisible Illness site.

5 responses to “National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week

  1. Did I tell you I just bought that book? I read anything to do with Zen or Budhas–it’s just magnetising!
    I love clothes (and shoes, but I’m getting over that–you know the chemicals in them?) and I buy cotton, wools, merinos online, while dressing as fashionable as I can because, yeh, I love it. But I’m also realising the contradiction that creates when I’m telling others “I’m sick, please don’t use this or that”. But I can’t dress like I’m sick either. And the days that I can’t be bothered I’m in the house anyway (think exercise attire!).

    So, yes, it is an invisible condition. Thanks for the links too!

  2. I try not to dress like I am sick as well even if it means washing something a gazillion times to make it safe enough. You are welcome for the links. I liked both of them. I know you will like the book as well.

  3. On the National Invisible Chronic Illness site there was a place to link to your blog about Invisible Illness. I submitted a link to my blog post about isolation and it made it to their site. It is also on another blog:!/2012/09/iiwk12-day-2.html

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