LDA (low dose antigen therapy) Critical Day 3

Hooray, I have eaten my last of the lamb stew!  While I still have to be careful for the next few days and still stay away from pollen and newsprint, it is liberating to be able to eat something for breakfast tomorrow other than ground lamb and hash browns.  Maybe eggs and a piece of yeast-free toast.  Whatever I choose it will be a pleasant change.

This treatment my body reacted different than it has before.  Usually my inhalant spot gets a big wheal, bright red and itches like the dickens for a good three days.  The chemicals and foods grow some, stay red for most of the day but by this time are almost invisible.  This time around my inhalant is almost invisible and the chemical and food areas are still red.  I don’t quite get it.  I may need to contact my doctor’s office to find out if this is something I need to worry about.  All in all I am doing ok.  I still have a bit of a headache and am still pretty tired but that will go away on its own soon enough.

If all goes well, I won’t be doing this again for five months.

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