What does flea medicine and antifungals have in common?

What does flea medicine and antifungals have in common?  What an odd question you might ask.  Well when treating animals for fleas, the medication only kills the live fleas and usually does not kill the eggs.  For this reason animals may have to be treated more than once to get rid of the fleas as the eggs continue to  hatch.

Antifungals work on the same principle.  Antifungals kill off the live fungi but does not deal with all spores that have yet to germinate and become live.  I have been treating myself with one type of antifungal or another for years.  In the beginning the fungal infection was so bad that I would experience herxheimer reactions when taking even the smallest amount of an antifungal and go into an anaphylactic reaction.

A herxheimer reaction sometimes just called a Herx is when the bacteria, or fungus in my case, start dying off they release endotoxins.  If more endotoxins are released than the body can rid itself of severe symptoms can occur.  Some of these symptoms can be fever, chills, headache, and hyperventilation.  For me the symptoms were tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, stomach cramps, coughing, the feeling that my throat was constricted and dizziness.  More than once I had to rely on an epi-pen (epinephrine in an injectable pen) to stop the reactions and calm things down.  Of course, the downside of taking epinephrine is a faster heart rate, possible dizziness or light headedness, headache and tremors.  I had to take the epinephrine to stop one set of symptoms but then got another set in exchange.

Recently we decided to see how little antifungal I needed to avoid having a return of a major sinus infection.  I was originally on 400 mg. of compounded Miconazole.  I dropped to 300 and waited a month.  I was still ok so we dropped it to 200 for a month and I was still ok.  I dropped it to 100 mg and within a week my sinuses were inflamed and I had the beginning of an infection so we immediately put it back to 200 mg. and I am doing fine so far.

I had heard years ago when I first started researching mold, mycotoxins, illness, etc. that many people had to stay on some kind of maintenance dose the rest of their lives and found it difficult to believe.  I am now a believer.  The downside to antifungals is that you need to monitor your liver.  So far everything seems to be fine with mine.

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