Monterey – my favorite place to get away from it all

When we need a break from it all, we jump in the car and head for the coast.  It is a 2 1/2 hour drive each way but so worth it.  There only so many places that I love to go that we can turn into a day trip.  Yesterday was one such day.  The weatherman had promised a temperature of 95 here at home and 63 on the coast.  It was a no-brainer.  We packed up and headed to the ocean.

Oh, I love the smell of sea air and feeling the ocean breeze on my face.  I love walking along the beach and looking at the little sand crabs in the tidal pools.      It was breezy but cool.  I always feel so rejuvenated after I have been there.  The downside is driving back into the heat of the valley. Our first stop was the wharf where we watched the pelicans and sea lions (couldn’t get close enough to get pictures of the sea lions yesterday). We headed for the ocean to eat lunch and sat on a bench by the rocks.  The rocks were littered with debris and seaweed and the tidal pools were filled with sand crabs.  Further down the beach we went for a walk in the sand and enjoyed the waves splashing onto shore.

My husband and I so needed a break from our everyday lives.  When I am at the ocean I forget about my sensitivities and illness.  It is just the beach, the sand, the breeze, the salt air, my husband and I.  What a wonderful day.  I have been writing so much on my health and health issues that I just wanted to share my day away from it all.

One response to “Monterey – my favorite place to get away from it all

  1. Sounds lovely! We have a home in Northern MI that we go to escape it all. The air is so crisp and pure by the water. Glad you got to relax and love the sea life pictures!

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