Asking for Assistance

A fellow blogger and friend placed a wonderful post on her blog about asking for help in getting what we need to accommodate our special needs.

I have had to ask  many times for help to accommodate my multiple chemical sensitivity and mold sensitivities.  When my husband built this home for me I had to ask for a waiver for the required fluorescent lighting in the bathrooms and kitchen.  I did this by first getting a letter from my doctor stating that fluorescent lighting wasn’t healthy for me.  I got my waiver.

I have had to ask the notary at the bank to come outside for me to sign paperwork.  I have had to ask doctors to allow me to be their first patient of the day.  I have had to ask others to shop for me.  I have had to get a letter from my doctor to be excused permanently from jury duty because I can’t sit in an old courtroom with its possible mold and all the fragrances and chemicals from cleaning solutions.

My motto is:  It Never Hurts to Ask.  The worst that can happen is that I am told no.  When that happens, I find another way around the problem.  I have to be my own advocate for my health and well-being in a world full of chemicals and toxins.

Please visit Miche’s site and read her posts.

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