Hello Everyone

Yes, it’s me again.  I was trying to find a particular post recently and had to go through every single title I had to find it.  I knew that I could categorize posts but never thought I needed to.  Today I pulled out my trusty “Visual Quickstart Guide – Word Press” and figured out how to categorize my posts.  I have spent the last couple of hours going through each post and assigning categories.

I hope that it will help those who have been following to find a post that they want to re-read or to be able to read more on a specific topic.  For those new to my blog, I also hope it helps once you reach this page.  I would appreciate any feedback that you have if you use this option.


4 responses to “Categories

  1. The categories look great! Your readers will love it.

  2. I just recently discovered categories as well, haha! You don’t know you need them till you need them.

  3. So so true. I guess only time will tell how well they help out.

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