Still ill after second operation for sinusitis

Hello Everyone

I check to see what search engine terms are used to draw visitors to my blog.  When I see one like the title in this post, I just want to be able to tell the person right then and there my story and be able to offer consolation.  I have decided that periodically I will take some of these search terms and write about my experience.

I began getting sick in August of 1999.  I had the first sinus surgery in November of that same year followed a few months later in March of 2000 with surgery number two.  We still had not been able to prove what was causing the severe pain and constant infections I was getting even though by then I was getting black string-like fibers coming out in my sinus discharge.  This was followed a month later by six weeks of IV therapy for a bone infection in the sinuses.  When I responded to the IV and my White Blood Scan came back good, the IV was discontinued.  A White Blood Scan requires drawing blood, tagging the white blood cells radioactively, re-injecting them and waiting to see if any of these radioactive cells return to the sinuses signalling that the infection is still present.

As with the way my life was going, I became ill a few weeks after discontinuing the IV and had sinus surgery number three on August 1, 2000.  During this surgery we discovered that I indeed had a fungal infection.

Treatment for the fungal infection began and over the next three years I had three more surgeries.

While I still have to irrigate my sinuses daily, deal with infections that come at me from nowhere (especially when the fungus gets active), I have not required a sinus surgery for nearly ten years now and haven’t had the need for IV antibiotics.

I think the person searching for help most likely has an undiagnosed fungal infection if the second surgery hasn’t helped.  Just wish I could have told him/her to have cultures taken.  It sometimes takes more than one culture because fungi don’t like to grow outside their nice little environments.

For those of you viewing for the first time, feel free to leave a comment and please sign up to follow me.  If the person had left a comment, I would have replied to the comment.  There is a lot to my story and that is why I have chosen to write my book which I hope to get printed in the next few months.

4 responses to “Still ill after second operation for sinusitis

  1. Hi Kathy! Your blogs are great and this one made me think of a question. I assume you use a Neti Pot to irrigate your sinuses. I’veused a Neti Pot everal times but stopped because on 3 selparate occasion, my left eye andsinuses hurt so bad I thought of going to the hospital and when I was able to “unsqueeze” my eyes, for 4 to 5 days,vision in my left eye was like “swiming through water withyour eyes open.” My eye doctor said this was “impossible” but it appened.A friend said she worked with a woman who had similar excruciating eye pain and vision problems and she had a “hole”that was allowing spinal fluid to leak out and she, like I, always had a runny nose – even when she was well – all the time. She said theydid”brain surgery” to fix thewoman’s problem. Ever heard of this? Hope you enjoyed dinner with your parents. Ann in KCMO


  2. Ann

    I use the Grossan Irrigating System. It it kind of like a waterpik but with a tip designed for the nose. I have immotile cillia and sometimes even using this with the pulsing water isn’t enough and I have to make a trip to my ENT to be cleaned out. I have not heard of this but I am going to ask my ENT about it. I usually see him every couple of weeks unless the old fun guy (fungi) shows up and I need to see him sooner. I am going to put this on my list of questions that I keep for him and will report back when I have an answer. And yes I had a wonderful dinner with my parents, tyvek suits and all.

  3. I’ve been planning on writing response posts to some of my search hits on my blog. Some of them are so heartbreaking!

  4. Yes they are but to someone looking in at our lives from the outside probably think the same thing. I look forward to reading your next post.

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