I have used up all of my spoons

Today is Tuesday, October 9th.  I wrote this post yesterday but never finished it.  I have finished it this morning and am posting it a day late.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a wonderfully cool day compared to the temperatures bouncing back and forth between the high 90’s and the over 100’s we have been experiencing.  It gave me that feeling of getting myself moving.  I met my parents at an outdoor cafe for breakfast (so very limited in my town and therefore the option to eat out is practically nil not to mention that breakfast is probably the easiest to eat out with my food allergies).  I came home changed into my work clothes and began scrubbing my floors, washing sheets, cleaning things out, stripping the covers off my wicker cushions and washing them.  As I was finishing up the laborious task of scrubbing my floors (made easier by my Koblenz Commercial scrubber), my sister phoned with an offer to go for a walk.  I was feeling good, actually more exhilarated from getting so much done and the cool weather.  Off I went for a very long walk getting back home in time to eat dinner, finish the cushion covers and do my ironing.

This morning (Monday) I woke up exhausted and achy.  I know better than to take on so much just because I feel good and the weather lulls me into the fall cleaning routines.  I used up all my spoons for yesterday, today and who knows about tomorrow.  (I did use up Sunday’s, Monday’s and some of today’s spoons.  I am still tired.)

What does using up my spoons have to do with being tired and achy you ask?  Several years ago someone had me read something written by Christine Miserandino.  She wrote “The Spoon Theory”.  A friend had asked what it was like to have Lupus and to be sick.  “The Spoon Theory” came about as she explained what it was like to have Lupus and be sick.   Since my mold exposure and subsequent chemical sensitivity I have days when I just don’t feel like moving around much and then I have these days like yesterday when I feel good and overdo it.    The spoon theory is a great analogy for explaining what it is like to have chronic illness.

I do not have permission to print it here.   I am including a link to a site where you can read it


2 responses to “I have used up all of my spoons

  1. At the same time, there is something nice about using up all your spoons. I find that when I’m all out, I lay in bed feeling exhausted and sick, but I’m smiling because I had a good day, and I was almost normal! Worth it! ;P I always try to appreciate it.

  2. Rachel

    Thank you for putting a different spin on it. Today I am still tired. So am I cleaning house? No, I am on the computer and plan to either sit and read or watch a movie. Yes having a day like “normal” is oftentimes worth the pain later.

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