Can I Help You Ladies?

Or, a funny thing happened on the way to my daughter’s house. I have been meaning to write this story for a while.  It came to my mind recently and I had to put it down.

As most of you know from reading my “About” page or following my posts I have extreme chemical sensitivity due to a mold exposure at work.  I have two daughters.  My younger daughter lived 2 1/2 hours away from me to the north and my older daughter lived 45 minutes from me  in the foothills in the opposite direction when this happened.

My younger daughter was here for a visit and we were scheduled to go and visit my older daughter one Saturday afternoon.  Younger daughter went and had her hair done earlier in the day.  Not thinking (I blame my off and on again companion – brain fog.) we just jumped in my car.  Of course she put on one of my required tyvek suits to avoid getting anything in my car.  We started down the road and about ten miles into our trip I was having difficulty.  I was getting a headache, congested and my voice was slowly getting more of a crackle in it.  Suddenly it dawned on both of us that her hair was making me ill.

As soon as possible I pulled to the side of the road and we both jumped out.  How were going to make it safe for us to continue on our journey?  We couldn’t go on the way things were and I couldn’t call anyone to come help us.  We searched the back seat and then the trunk to find something we could put over her hair.  Aha!  There it was, a white plastic garbage bag in my trunk.  I always keep some in the car for emergencies or having to put someone’s belongings in it before they could ride with me (Read “Tyvek – this mold survivor’s best friend” to better understand the reason behind the tyvek suit)

We got the bag out of the trunk and tried to put it over her hair.  The wind was blowing and gusts of hair would get under the  bag and fill it like a balloon. We fought and fought the wind and the air in the bag.   Here we are on the side of the road, she is already wearing the white tyvek suit and we are now trying to put a bag over head.

Enter the highway patrol cruiser.  Just as I thought things couldn’t be worse or crazier than they were, the officer gets out to see if we need assistance.  I have to explain as simply as I can without appearing to be a lunatic that I have sensitivities to chemicals and my daughter has just gotten her hair done making me ill.  I also explain that we are trying to cover her hair up with the bag but the air keeps getting inside the bag.  I purposely tried to ignore the fact that she was dressed in this white suit.  The officer, however, noticed and made some funny comment about her tyvek suit and then calmly walked over and helped us get the bag on her hair. I was then asked to move aside so that he could write down my license plate number which was required because he had stopped to check our status.  As he walked away, he says it bothers him too when his wife gets her hair done.

The story doesn’t end there.  A few weeks later our tenant comes to pay rent.  He is talking about having coffee with his highway patrol officer friends.  One comments about these two women on the side of the road and how he had to help one put a bag over the other one’s head.  I immediately start laughing and telling him that I was one of the women he rescued that day.  Our tenant knows all about my sensitivities and about my story.  He then started laughing and said he couldn’t wait to tell this particular officer that he knows the women.

I knew the officer would most likely go back and tell the story to all his buddies.  I mean how often does this kind of thing happen?  I just never realized that I would be hearing about it a few weeks later from someone I had known for several years.  There is the saying, Seven Degrees of Separation.  I don’t know how many degrees of separation there was but it was closer to home than I would have thought.

10 responses to “Can I Help You Ladies?

  1. Oh god, I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this. I can totally relate to the thinking behind this. Your daughter is awesome; mine’s like that too. Even without the policeman, it was funny, but then it just got funnier.


    Here’s to lateral thinking in situations that need it!

    Ps: I’m down at the beach for the weekend. And loving it. It’s amazing how I can be in fresh air and it’s like there is nothing wrong with me. Thank you so much for the laugh.

  2. I am so envious. Enjoy your time there. We just went a few weeks ago for the day. Now I am wanting to go back but it is cooling down here so it will be pretty cool along the coast right now.

  3. Life is so great when you can laugh.
    In my opinion this is where the difference is between living with an illness/condition or suffering with it. We all have our days of suffering- but as long as there are more days of laughter than sadness, then life it good. Thanks for the chuckle. Ok.. The burst of laughter. Have a great day 🙂

  4. Amy

    You are so welcome. Laughter is good even when it is at my expense. ha ha

    I have developed many friendships along this rough and bumpy road of illness among fellow sufferers. I have a couple of friends that can call me or I can call them and be so down but by the end of the phone conversation one or the other of us has turned the situation around and we are both laughing.

    Thank you for commenting.

  5. Hahaha that is awesome. I totally love it when our illnesses bring about some ridiculous funny happenstance like this. A good reminder to not take life too seriously.

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