Tile floors are great but……

From an Environmentally sensitive person’s standpoint my tile floors are great. I don’t have to worry about what may be lurking underneath the carpet and in the pad.  I don’t have to worry about all the formaldehyde and other chemicals in the carpets either.


1) The dirt is always on the surface for me to see and therefore always needs to be swept or vacuumed or mopped.

2) In the summertime tile floors are great because they keep the house cooler but in the winter I can’t keep warm because the floor tiles are so cold.

3) My grandchildren were born after my illness and therefore during my tile floor time.  The first two managed to learn to walk without too many falls or any major injuries on my hard floors.  Grandchild number three is learning to walk and I am more scared than I was with the other two.  I think it is because he gets so excited he practically tries to run.  The only way he can walk at my house is outdoors on the lawn or if I am holding his hand and he doesn’t want that.

4) “n my old life” I would just have to sweep and mop the kitchen and baths and run the vacuum across the carpet.  Now I sweep and mop my entire house.

5) Tile is extremely slippery when wet.  I have experienced this twice in the last month.  The first time I was in the kitchen and my husband had just filled my granddaughter’s water bottle and must have dripped water on the floor.  I had just gone into the kitchen and wham, my right foot turned in under me and I landed hard on my left knee (my right foot actually swelled and bruised and was much more painful than my knee).  The second experience was a week ago.  I was walking through the living room and this time my left foot turned in under me and I landed on my right knee.  Fortunately this time only my right knee was bruised.  I never see the water or the juice until I am on the floor at ground level with it.  What I do see, is the dirt on the floor where someone has walked over a wet spot on the floor.

Would I give up my hard, sometimes cold tiles for the warmth and softness of carpet?  Yes and know.  I miss sitting or lying on the floor and the softness of carpet pile under my feet.  Having been through all that I have been through I like knowing that there is no hidden dirt under my feet – only what I see on the surface that once again needs to be vacuumed and mopped as I look across the floor.  Maybe it will get done today but most likely tomorrow.  I have had one of my wonderful sleepless nights and my spoons are used up for today.

My question to you – What is on your floors?  Do you like it?  What would you change if you could?

10 responses to “Tile floors are great but……

  1. Great to find your blog fellow sufferer. So sorry about all that you’ve gone through. I am facing surgery soon; Do they have a better OR for those of us with chemical sensitivity? Is that why you went there? Thanks!

    • Thank you for commenting. I visited your blog and have signed up to follow. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

      I went to Dallas for my hysterectomy because I couldn’t find a doctor that was willing to take on my difficult challenges. Dr. Rea, my environmental doctor, worked with a gynecologist in Dallas that was not afraid of my sensitivities and made my room and stay as safe as he possibly could.

  2. On my floors: in the kitchen and bathrooms there are tiles.

    The rest of the house has floorboards made from chipboard but they are old-ish (7 years).

    In three bedrooms where there is concrete (as the carpet has been removed years ago), they have damp patches coming in from the gardens outside (I know you have read my post about it, but for anyone else interested, it’s here: http://the-labyrinth.com/2012/03/30/mould-and-mattresses/ ),we have now put builders foil wrap on the floors, over the concrete. (This wrap is used to wrap buildings so as to insulate them.)

    In one room, we tried to put new floorboards, which were chipboard ones so as to match the rest of the house (the house will go up for sale soon) and the glues inside the wood, were such a problem for me that we had to find a solution: the foil! This wrap is foam in the middle but with a thick layer of metal foil on either side. It is so soft and warm under my feet that it reminds me of carpet. You can see a photo of it here: http://the-labyrinth.com/2012/10/07/how-i-sorted-out-my-mattress-drama/ I’ve made this into a safe room for when needed: there is just the bed and an air purifier in there.

    In my bedroom, which is actually the rumpus room turned into another safe room (but with all my stuff that I use in there) , there are chipboard floorboards. These are old also. In this room there is no dampness under the floor.

    I have some wool rugs that I’ve been lucky in finding and these are great in winter. I would never go back to carpet even if not chemically sensitive. It’s too dirty, the way everything gets trapped in it.

    To have floors that do not affect your health is an amazing thing. From where I’m standing, anyway!

    My next house will be all tile. No question about it. And yes, it’s freezing in winter!

    • Yes, I have read your posts about the moisture and recommend your blog for others to read. I have not heard of anyone using the foil on the floor but do know of people who have lined their houses in foil for a safe room. I don’t do well with wool but have thought about small rugs but then I would have to clean them. If it can’t fit in my washing machine, I can’t have it. So I wear socks and slippers all winter to keep my feet warm.

  3. I forgot: 6) Everything that drops on the floor breaks. My husband and I have broken plates and glasses many times. Sad part is that my Fiestaware color is no longer available and we have broken some of them. My glass ornaments cannot be put on the tree for fear of dropping them and breaking them. I have broken some already and refuse to lose any more of them.

  4. We have hard wood floors– & out gassed carpet-&-tile on bathroom floors—– I’m able to live with it—so all is well!!! We just had a new roof put on our home-(had to– put on a metal– but still had toooo many chemicals )- & it was a living hell— I’m now back inside of my MCS safe home— BUT lived in our RV for over a month– that was not totally safe– Sooooo glad to be back in my MCS safe home– as safe as it is!!!!

    • It is so difficult when we have to make adjustments to what we consider our safe home. I want to make some changes but have to see how I am doing this spring/summer before anything is decided upon.

  5. I also have tile floors due to mold , dirt and allergies to carpet. Since I have 6 large indoor/outdoor dogs I found the steam floor cleaner (uses only water) a great help in keeping the floors clean with no odors or slippery floors. All is safe and well. I also use a homemade heavy padded Christmas tree skirt so ornaments do not break when they fall.

    • I do have a steam cleaner but I think it is on it’s way out. I will probably need to get a new one. The one I have been using is the Envirosteam by Eureka. I also have a Koblenz commercial scrubber that I use every couple of weeks because I have indentations in the tile that really need to be scrubbed.

      Maybe I will make a tree skirt for next year. I had a beautiful one that I made but had to get rid of when I moved into my safe home. Wish I could recreate it. Thank you for commenting.

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