What are you cooking your food in?

There have been many reports on the negative effects of using nonstick pots and pans as well as cooking with aluminum.

I grew up as a child eating everything cooked in aluminum pots and pans or fried in cast iron skillets.  Then about the time I got married nonstick cookware was all the rage.  I had nonstick everything, never really thinking about what I was ingesting after having my food cooked in these pots and pans or what I was breathing into my lungs as these pots and pans heated up.  Going to antique stores and seeing the lovely glass refrigerator dishes made me want them because they were pretty and represented a time we all refer to as the June Cleaver days.  Of course, I didn’t buy them. What would I do with them?  Afterall, I had my Tupperware and Rubbermaid to store my food in the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets.

Becoming ill with environmental illness suddenly opened my eyes.  I have become more aware of the food I eat, the chemicals used in the home and the utensils I use to prepare my meals.  I store my food in glass in the refrigerator and have glass jars for items I store in the cabinets.  I still long for the beautiful old refrigerator ware shown below.  I can’t go into antique stores because of my mold allergies but may check into some reproduction pieces of this beautiful glass ware.  The last picture below is what new glass refrigerator dishes look like.  I found it on Amazon.  While it is not as pretty as the antique ones, I think I may invest in a couple of pieces very soon.

3 Vintage Jeanette Jadeite Refrigerator Dishes- Full setVintage Glass Refrigerator Dish with Lid ... Large Two Piece Glass Refrigerator Dish ... Fruit Design

Today I cook my food in stainless steel pans, cast iron skillets and enameled cast iron pans.

I follow a blog from Andrea Fabry about her family and their journey  through recovery from their mold exposure.  As a fellow mold sufferer, I enjoy the topics that Andrea shares on her blog and learning how her family is progressing through the various illnesses they have suffered as a result of their mold exposure.  Last week, Andrea posted on her blog about Safe Cookware.  You can see this blog post by visiting her site:  http://moldrecovery.blogspot.com/2012/10/safe-cookware.html

So, tell me what is your food cooking in?  I would love to hear what others are using and what you think about nonstick pans (even the new ones that say they are safe).


8 responses to “What are you cooking your food in?

  1. Great post. My sibling has similar anaphylactic issues as me now and hers started with a mold exposure.

    I love glass.

    I wish IV fluids still came in it. Having big issues with that.

    • Yes, I wish the IV fluids were still in glass too. I have heard different stories about whether or not they are or are not available. I haven’t found any.

      Mold is my nemesis. It is what started me down this winding path.

  2. Hi Kathy, Having always been somewhat of a “health nut” since getting married in 1974, I have avoided teflon since that time. I started out with a stainless steel set of pots and pans but did not know the Big T—Tupperware was just as dangers…LOL!! So when I got exposed to mold I got rid of all my plastic storage. I now use only glass and usually recycle any glass jar or bottle that appeals to me for my home made catsup, mayo, dressings, etc…

    Most recently I found a stainless steel electric skillet, after years of not having one due to they all had teflon surfaces.

    My biggest issue now that I have Rheumatoid so bad in my hands is holding on to heavy pans. I had to get rid of my heavy stainless and now use Paul Revere Ware since it is lighter. I also had to part with my iron skillet collection….just too heavy for me to even get out of the cabinet now.

    Also I have great difficulty keeping my glass pieces from being broken since I can drop things so easily. Plastic would be safer from my clumsy hands but I just keep replacing what I break…LOL!! I would love to invest in the antique dishes, but fear I would break them eventually…

    • The things we didn’t know. I guess better late than never. I was never really a “health nut” and ate whatever I wanted until that was all taken away.

      Where did you find the stainless electric skillet and what brand is it? I had one years ago (probably a wedding gift). When it broke I never got another one because I couldn’t find anything but nonstick. I miss putting something in it, setting it on low and forgetting about it.

      I am sorry for your arthritis. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful it must be. My problem with glass is my darn tile floors. Although my carpel tunnel has been treated I suffer occassionally with fingers that don’t cooperate. I guess I should have mentioned always breaking glass when I was discussing them in my last post. If I am not dropping and breaking something, my husband is. The sad part is that I have Fiestaware and my color is no longer available. When my husband broke some bowls and a plate it cost me a fortune to replace them through a replacement service. I am seriously thinking of picking another color that I can slowly intermingle with mine as extras. Also, mo more glass ornaments on my tree. I have broken too many. What I have managed to save, just sit in my box of decorations looking lonely when all the others (mainly metal) get asked out to play at Christmas.

  3. I had no idea there was anything wrong with nonstick stuff. I use a lot of nonstick cookware, so I’d love to know more. I’ve never noticed any weird taste, and I only noticed the smell when I heated a brand new one up before washing it – oops. But after I washed it it seemed okay…. I’m very ignorant of this kind of thing, though, so I really have no idea.

  4. Thank you for the tips. I need new pots and pans and now I’ll be aware of what I purchase. In addition, I’m a major plastic container user, however the beauty alone of the glass encourages me to change, slowly of course.

  5. Yes it is a big change and hard to do all at once. I need more glass storage containers, sometimes I just use my serving bowls in the refrigerator or quart size glass canning jars. The others are much prettier.

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