Julie Genser founder of Planet Thrive has been nominated for a $30,000 Eagle Rare Life Award for her work with those affected by environmental illness and her nonprofit organization re/shelter.

Julie herself suffers from environmental illness but tirelessly battles for the rest of us through both her website and her nonprofit.  Re/shelter offers grants to help those displaced from housing or trying to find safe housing because of their illnesses.  Julie relies on donations from others to keep this going and the number of grants given depends on donations received.  Should Julie win this very honored award she plans on putting the money into re/shelter to help others.  Nominees who make it into the top 20 based on voting will be considered based on various criteria.  I want Julie to make it into the top 20.  Votes can be cast every 24 hours until January 3, 2013.  Please check out the following site and read about Julie’s nomination.  If you feel moved to help, please cast a vote for Julie.

To find more about planet thrive:

To find out more about re/shelter:

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