I was feeling better when I left the moldy place, now I feel worse. What happened?

How many of you who have suffered from a mold exposure and asked this same question?  What happened?  Why am I more allergic and feeling worse?

The simple and yet not so simple answer is that it can take 2-12 weeks for your body to get the toxin and load level down enough after removing yourself from the constant exposure to recognize all the allergic responses the mold has caused.  You feel better immediately because you are no longer being exposed.  Then the allergic response kicks in and you suddenly realize that things that were never a problem before suddenly are.  The mycotoxins have done their damage and now you are becoming aware of what those damages are in the increased sensitivities and other illnesses that crop up (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic sinusitis, autonomic nervous system dysfunction and severe depression to name a few).

I stopped working in the moldy environment and thought I was feeling a little better but then I was placed in a new school building where construction was going on and dirt was being moved everywhere for landscaping.  I began getting exposed to the mold spores in the dirt (my air filter cartridge by my desk needed to be changed after two weeks rather than the usual 2-3 months).  I was being exposed to toxic paints, toxic glues in the carpet as well as high levels of formaldehyde in the carpet and all the new furniture.  I was also being exposed to the dust from construction.

A few months later I went to the Environmental Health Center-Dallas where I was not exposed to chemicals or fragrances of any kind.  Slowly I began to notice smells when I went to the grocery store and would become dizzy after a short time in the store.  I was still wearing my clothes that I had worn in the work environment.

Fast forward about 8 months and I had a urine tricothecene test done which revealed a high amount of tricothecenes in my urine.  I was told to get rid of my clothes.  I did and then headed for Dallas for surgery.  Between removing my toxic uterus and ovaries (my ovary we learned later had 125 ppb of tricothecene mycotoxin in it), anesthesia and starting over in safe clothes I became even sicker.  I began noticing that when I got near mold or someone who still had their clothes  from their moldy homes I would go into tremors.  I experienced these tremors when testing molds and mycotoxins.  My chemical sensitivities and food allergies were also heightened.  The worst of this happened about six weeks after my surgery.

Friends of mine have told me the same stories.  Some had this happen exactly at 8 weeks; some had it happen just before week 12.


2 responses to “I was feeling better when I left the moldy place, now I feel worse. What happened?

  1. How did surgery go for you with all of your chemical sensitivities?

    • I have had two since the chemical sensitivities. The first was Jan 2003 when I had a complete hystrectomy. I went to Dallas so that Dr. Rea could oversee things with a gynecologist there that I love. Dr. OB/GYN put me in a room with no carpet, placed a huge hepa filter in there, placed a sign and latex free cart outside my door and wouldn’t even allow them to bring in a newspaper for my husband without checking with me first. For anesthesia during surgery I was given Versed and Fentanyl.

      My second surgery happened only three months later when I flew from Dallas back to California to have my ENT do an extensive sinus surgery because there was possible bone infection and/or tumor. I was given the same anesthesia but in a lesser concentrate because of the shorter surgery time. My ENT arranged for the surgical center to not open one of the OR rooms so that I would be the first to use it. He also set it up for my husband to go in and sign me in and I changed in a bathroom away from others into the gown and was taken directly to the OR. All my pre-op was done there to avoid any additional exposures to other patients and their families.

      Neither was perfect but we did the best we could considering the necessity for the surgery. During the hysterectomy it was thought I might have ovarian cancer.

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