Keep the tooth or yank it out?

I know this doesn’t seem like one of my typical posts but I have a dilemma.  About a year ago my biological dentist discovered that I had an infection under one of my crowns.  The crown was removed, the infection cleaned out and some of the tooth taken off.  A temporary crown was put on.  I was told that I would have to see a periodontist to have a crown lengthening done so that a permanent crown would have more tooth to adhere too.  Before that could take place we would take the temporary crown off every six months and check to make sure the tooth was healing and determine if the tooth was viable and worth doing the procedure.

In July I went in and had the tooth rechecked only to have the temporary crown fall off a week later.  The crown was put back on with a stronger glue and I was told to come back in six months.  In this afternoon’s mail was my reminder to have a recheck done.  Tonight while eating dinner, the temporary crown fell off.

Tomorrow if he can work me in I will drive the hour each way trip to his office.  After viewing crown lengthening procedures on the internet I am not sure I want to go through that or what I would take for pain. The last time I took pain meds I got very very sick and had some not so pleasant reactions.   I also don’t want to have my tooth pulled.  Either way, dealing with this and having multiple chemical sensitivity isn’t going to be easy.

The other issue is that I have planned to have my mercury fillings removed one at a time (did one in July).  I did the smallest and was going to work on the others one at a time every three or four months starting after the first of the year.  They are larger fillings and will require a special capping procedure to secure the tooth for a composite filling.  I guess I am just worried that what if I have the same issue with these teeth as I am having with the current one.  Am I going to end up having a bunch of lengthening procedures done or lose my teeth one at a time.

All this has just left me feeling pretty depressed at my situation.  And when the depression hits, decisions are hard to come by.  Have any of you discovered that you have more dental issues since becoming ill either from mold or some other condition?  Has anyone had this crown lengthening procedure done.

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  1. Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering with this; it must be awful for you. And I hear you about the depression hitting, it’s hard, I know. You’ve helped me in the past, so I hope what i have to share helps you: I have a few dental implants. They are titanium screws in my jaw with porcelain teeth attached. I’ll do a post one day as I have awesome X-ray photos! Anyway, due to cost, I could only do one at a time, until the price came down. There are no glues and only porcelain and titanium materials. I couldn’t have the anaesthetic, as I didn’t want to risk it, so I had extra nerve anaesthetic (the type they give pregnant women) and stayed awake for the procedure: this made it cheaper also, as I did not have hospital costs. I’m lucky in that, the dentist I use, and the Maxillofacial surgeon who did this for me, are both understanding of chemical sensitivities, and they helped plan the whole thing, right down to the nurse attending, fragrance free, and keeping the air conditioning on high and the doors closed off to outside air. I tested all materials first, by breathing them in, and seeing what happened. They used salt water instead of disinfectant. I survived! Seriously, it went really well. Before I had this done, I had my mercury removed in the hope that it would help my sensitivities. (Jury is still out on that!) I think that when you factor in the cost of repeatedly fixing a tooth, that could just fail in the end, then it’s actually cheaper to just rip one out and replace it. Implants last forever so long as the healing goes well, and dental hygiene is kept up. I always joke: instead of getting breast implants, I got dental implants, and I’m glad I did. Teeth are much for useful! 😉 Besides, dental implants are around 10% the price of boobies… I did a lot of research on dental work before doing this, and it was an informed decision. There are dentists who do it cheap, these may use nickel in the screw instead of titanium, and I was told that this would be a risk for someone with allergies to chemicals. Titanium is an inert material too, so it seemed like the best road to take. I haven’t had dental issues for 4 years now. I’m a hygiene fanatic because I read too many horror stories about people not taking care their implants. These teeth look and feel like normal teeth, but they bite much harder.

    Oh, one more thing, I did see a holistic dentist at first, but after the mercury removal, the cost was a killer. So I interviewed dentists until i found one who promised not to use mercury–even though he also said: mercury is fine–and could give a better price along with a basic understanding of chemical sensitivity. (Who’d get mercury removed and then have it put back in?)

    For pain I used paracetamol and Nurofen together as the surgeon said that they both work on different parts of the pain killing process. If I take codeine I get sick, which is what’s normal to prescribe; the first time I took it but now, especially now, it makes me so ill. I still use those medications.

    I hope you can sort this out, and feel better soon. x

    • Thank you Miche. It has been a long day ending at the dentist’s office. I will post a comment on this post tomorrow sometime about how my appointment went and what I am considering.

  2. I spoke with one of my environmental doctors yesterday morning who advised against doing the crown lengthening. I made it to the dentist late yesterday afternoon. After cleaning the tooth area and crown, he took a picture of my tooth area to show how inflamed it is. He said it is probably from constant infection and immune system problems that I have. When the bleeding of the tooth wouldn’t stop with hydrogen peroxide he had to use aluminum sulfate (what is in a styptic stick) and the reaction started. I began to shake and have chest pain. We hadn’t put the crown back on so I gave myself a histamine injection to stop the reaction while the dentist finished.

    I think I am going to go with yanking out the tooth and a type of bridge that doesn’t require any metal or any work to adjacent teeth.

    The site that discusses it is

    I had hoped to copy the picture but can’t. A photo was taken on my camera yesterday and I will try and come back later to post it in the actual original post.

  3. So sorry to hear you’re having dental issues. I’ve had a lot of problems, and I’ve had almost everything you can have done done, but no crown lengthening. 😦 But from my experience, I would say it’s best to try and save the tooth. Tooth pain is very bad, but there are lots of kinds of pain meds. Talk to your dentist or doctor about some kind of pain med that might help. If nothing else, try goldenseal root. If you can apply the powder to your tooth, and keep it on for a minute or so, it’s a great natural pain remedy. I hope this helps!

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