Feeling Grateful

IMG_0500_1My Christmas tree is up and decorated.  While I don’t have many other decorations to put out compared to my “old life” when I had decorations everywhere, my tree is up and for that I am grateful.

Many of my environmentally sensitive friends are not so fortunate.  Some of my friends are not able to have such a tree (real or artificial).   My tree is decorated in all metal ornaments with a few resin ornaments to fill in the gaps.   A very dear friend bought an artificial tree seven years ago and still cannot bring it into her house.  Some of my friends are even less fortunate in that they have no safe place to call home.

I am thankful each day for what I have managed to regain since this merry-go-round of illness began thirteen years ago.   While my life is not what it was before, it is better than I ever dared hope for.  There was a time when I didn’t know if I was going to live or die from all the reactions and infections.   I feel deeply for those who have just started this journey and for those who have been on this journey as long as I have and are struggling daily to survive and find the hope and courage they need to carry on.

To the men and women I have met on this journey, I am grateful to call you my friend.  We have shared tears and anger but we have also shared laughter and joy.  Laughter at finding a way to put some humor into our crazy worlds and joy in each new accomplishment and step forward we make.

What are you grateful for?

10 responses to “Feeling Grateful

  1. Being able to exercise!! Great post!

  2. This is a nice post 🙂 I’m grateful to have a great support system, and the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Happy holidays!

  3. I just found your blog–

  4. We put up our artificial tree this year and I had a reaction to all the boxes that we store the ornaments in. Luckly it was just non stop sneezing and went away when my husband moved the boxes and we put our air purifier on high. I will need to get some sort of new storage for the ornaments at the end of the season.
    Your tree looks gorgeous!

    • Thank you. I have a tree bag for the tree and all ornaments are stored in plastic boxes. During the summer I buy the plastic boxes when they are on sale and put them out in the sun to bake and off gas so that I have them when I need them.

  5. I’m thankful for Christmas time!!! So glad you have a tree. Merry Christmas friend!

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