My Friends in “The Box”

A blog I regularly follow had a featured post today titled, “My Friends in ‘The Box’.”  I tried to share it here but have not been successful.   A link to this wonderful article is at the bottom of this post.

Some of my friends, like those of the author, are in “The Box”.   They are easily accessible by turning on my computer and reading comments they have written on my blog or by reading of their plight through their blogs.  Some of my friends are, as my husband refers to them, “phone friends”.   Some of these friends I have met in person during my trips to Dallas for treatment.  Some of these new friends I have never met in person.   To me they are more than friends in “The Box” or “phone friends”.  They are my lifeline to someone who truly understands chronic illness.    No matter how many times you talk to your friends or family about this they can only offer support or sympathy.  They cannot offer the kind of support or understanding that someone who is truly walking the same walk can.

I have received comfort from them and hopefully offered comfort to them.  I now have some amazing new recipes that are gluten-free.  I have recipe ideas that I can tweak to suit my own food allergies thanks to many of them.  I have learned of many more chronic invisible illnesses that before starting this blog I had not heard of.  Most of all I have gained understanding and total acceptance by these friends in “the box” who I have never met.

Please visit the following website and read Stephanie’s article.

2 responses to “My Friends in “The Box”

  1. Oh how I relate to this! 4 years ago due to my mold exposures I lost my whole life…family, friends, health, church, job, home, possessions and had to even leave my home state….if not for my “faithful” and true friends “in the box” I would be totally alone in the world with no hope right now …. I have been so grateful for you and your friendship Kathy! Times like we’ve experienced really show us who our true friends really are as well and therefore I have personally learned to not take friendship and my friends for granted anymore like I used to.

  2. Amen. That just reminds me that I think I need to send a note to those that have stuck with me to let them know how much I truly value their friendship and support. I took a lot for granted back in “my old life”. I try not to do that now.

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