What happens when you try to act normal?

What happens is you crash and burn.  Yesterday I tried hard to do a few things that would have been no big deal in my “old life”.  The result is that I did too much and have been dealing with a headache and leg aches since last night.  I have taken some Vitamin C and Glutathione and my compounded Acetaminophen.  I could get in the sauna but I just don’t sweat that much.  Sometimes it helps and other times it stirs things up.  I just don’t want to take the chance of feeling worse than I do because I am in charge of three little ones tomorrow.  I can deal with a headache if I have to.

So was it worth it?  Yes and no.  I got some stocking stuffers for the Christmas stockings while I had my husband available to help.  Those are the things that I can’t order online so easily.  So I donned my mask and did it.  At the time it felt good to be doing something normal.  But today I feel horrible.  Would I do it again?  Yes but maybe in baby steps instead of one giant leap.  It is those giant leaps that will get you every time.  I know better and talk about overdoing and overexposing ourselves but I let the holidays put duct tape on the little voice in my head that would have stopped me.

Today I have been trying frantically to get some things done around here but I am moving like a turtle.  I know I have used all my spoons for yesterday, today and probably tomorrow.  I did manage to wrap a couple of gifts and take care of some paperwork.  Tomorrow is another day.




6 responses to “What happens when you try to act normal?

  1. It is nice to have a normal day periodically even though I pay for it – mentally it is worth the price.

    • You are right. Mentally it is worth it, physically it is not. I am still dealing with the headache aftermath. The body aches seem to be better. I am scheduled for an IV on Wednesday of glutathione, Vitamin C and magnesium. I wish it were sooner. I know it will calm things down.

  2. Hi Hon— “somedays it is OK to just breathe”!!!!!! 🙂 I had an MCS sister send me that– saying– 🙂 — as I know what ya mean– Sometimes– I still go at things like I’m killing snakes– to have the next week or more feel like I got snake bit!!! Today I want to go to one of the shows here in Branson with Larry Gatlin & Debbie Boone– it is there last day of shows here in Branson for this season– don’t know if my body is going to allow it or not– & my oxygen generator shot craps– so no oxygen— I’ll let ya know on my blog– if I went!!! May I share your blog again on mine????

    • Yes, you may share. And please let us know if you end up going and how it went. Oh to be normal (whatever that is) again! Recently they were showing “It’s a Wonderful Life” on the big screen in an old theater that has recently been completely restored to the way it was back when I used to go. I ached to go and see one of my favorite movies but deep down knew there was no possible way to go. Instead I will watch it on my television (too bad I don’t have a big flat screen so I could pretend I was at the movies).

      Thank you for those words. I guess “somedays it is OK to just breathe”.

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