Why throw away the wrapping paper scraps?

Last year we got some wrapping paper that was double-sided.  I have used so much kraft paper that I bought this and to my delight found out that it didn’t bother me.  My daughter’s girlfriend had made some kind of bow on a package she had done using the leftovers that usually get thrown out.  There are always so many pieces left over after trimming the paper to fit just right.   I decided to give it a try.  I loved the way they turned out.

This year no buying bows or ribbon or trims.  Not only do I keep from throwing the scraps out, I keep from having to purchase even more stuff like bows and ribbons that would eventually find their way to the garbage.

Here is what it looks like finished.  I used the reverse side for the main part of the bow and let the package design show through the underside.IMG_0514



13 responses to “Why throw away the wrapping paper scraps?

  1. That’s so cute! Did you curl it with scissors, or roll it tight and release, to name the only methods I can think of.

    >________________________________ > From: allergictolifemybattle >To: lonotes2you@sbcglobal.net >Sent: Friday, December 7, 2012 8:07 PM >Subject: [New post] Why throw away the wrapping paper scraps? > > WordPress.com >kmtreat posted: “Last year we got some wrapping paper that was double-sided. I have used so much kraft paper that I bought this and to my delight found out that it didn’t bother me. My daughter’s girlfriend had made some kind of bow on a package she had done using the” >

    • Yes I curled it with scissors. It is quite easy actually. I just cut an oblong piece of paper, fold it in half, cut along the long edge to about 1/2″ from fold. Curl both sides with scissors and then just fan fold along the cuts. Voila – a bow.

  2. Princess and the Pea

    Wow that looks great! I find some wrapping papers make me react, an other are just fine…do you find that as well?
    I know as soon as I take off the plastic wrap.

    • Yes, I have found that too. One time I bought some wrapping paper for my granddaughter’s birthday and was immediately blown away as soon as I opened the plastic.

  3. I’m using brown packing paper with natural paper string this year (the hippie look is what I’m going for). But what you have looks lovely. I love that you are recycling too!

  4. Thank you. Who knows next year I may be using the Kraft paper again. Or using Kraft paper for the adults and saving what is left this year for the grandkids.

  5. Cute idea!!!!! I have problems with the chemicals & I guess the ink– or what ever in the gift wrap– so we recycle brown paper sacks-or recycled material- & natural trims– from my sewing supplies– that have been washed– & outgassed– or those gift bags we reuse from year to year– to year– that no longer have scents!!! Cute –cute– ideas you have —

    • I do fine with some papers and not so fine with others. I just lucked out that these didn’t bother me. I always end up sending everyone home with the gift bags if I use them and so don’t have any to reuse. We all do what we need to go survive daily life in the chemical world and have to work especially hard at the holidays. I recently bought some fleece remnants that when washed will be used to make some taggie blankets to donate to the children’s hospital along with whatever quilts I manage to get done through the year. I thought it would be a great way to use up my left over ribbons and maybe even rickrack. I hate throwing it away but most pieces are too small for much of anything. Before I got sick I had a “sewing” room and boxes of ribbons and lace and trims. Now I just order what I need when I needed because I threw out or gave away everything I had. I miss mostly my old patterns.

      • Oh– Amen– Hon—before I became to sick to work any more– over the years I owned many different busineses — & 9 of them were antique stores– I loved aold patterns– old sewint things– etc etc– bless you for making quilts that you donate to those in need!!!!

      • My granddaughter was at the children’s hospital maybe a year ago or so. The volunteers wheeled this cart around and they got to pick out a quilt to have with them and take home. I was so impressed with that and thought it was something I could do. They are simple 25 block quilts. I just purchase fabric online when I can find cottons and flannels reasonably priced. I wash everything until I can handle it and then spend a day just cutting out blocks and packaging them up. When I am in the mood to sew I grab one or two and piece them together.

      • Bless you sister——– how wonderful!!!!!!!

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