Bring on the probiotics!

Well today I saw my ENT.  This wonderful doctor has been treating me since the beginning of my ordeal.  He put me on thyroid medication despite my levels being in the normal range because nothing else was getting rid of the swelling and as he said, “How do we know that this number is your normal?” He is the only doctor who offered to give me the IV’s I need to help fight all that goes on in my body.  He is the only one who knows that I am not the “normal” patient and thus does not treat me like a “normal” patient.

And today despite knowing that antibiotics are not good for me or that I only have one truly safe one that I don’t react to, he truly felt that I needed to take one.  The only antibiotic that I haven’t reacted to is Omnicef.  It has been quite some time since I have needed one but here I am taking it.  Soooo – bring on the probiotics.  I don’t dare take this medication without plenty of probiotics even though I am on an antifungal.

I respect my doctor because he does not prescribe medications unless he feels there are no other options.  I have tried the silver, I have tried grapefruit seed extract and I irrigate.  I have immotile cillia and sometimes no matter how much I irrigate the infection just begins and takes over.  The mold exposure and fungal infection has left my sinuses very vulnerable.  My face feels like it has been hit by a MAC truck.  The trigeminal neuralgia on the left side of my face was so bad yesterday (and helped with acupuncture to reduce the severity) but still I had pain in my ear.  The magnesium, glutathione and Vitamin C IV helped with the neuralgia but my maxillary sinuses still hurt.

Dr. Spitzer (have permission to use his name in my book so I feel free to use it here) thank you for being my doctor and not ever for one minute thinking I am crazy and for thinking and working “outside the box” in treating me.  And thank you for fighting so hard for me in my battle to prove my work injury and fighting for me with the insurance carriers.



8 responses to “Bring on the probiotics!

  1. You are so blessed to have such a doctor Kathy! Hoping and praying you are feeling better soon my friend!

    • Yes I truly feel blessed to have him and his wonderful staff. I am taking it easy tonight and will deal with what needs to be done. A friend was to come over Friday for our traditional Christmas cookie baking all day marathon. I phoned and rescheduled for Monday. My house is a mess (or at least it feels that way to me) and I need some down time before I make another mess in my kitchen. That said I now have several days with which to get the things I want done in a slow and easy manner in time for our baking on Monday and my daughter’s arrival on Wednesday. I haven’t seen her since July so I am so excited to have her here for Christmas and we will have cookies for the family.

  2. Hooray for your doctor. What commendable qualities

    Sorry about the antibiotic though

    Good luck!

    I’m just hoping ill get over possible minor wound infections without an antibiotic…eep

    • Oh no! I hope you do as well. It is tough to have to take them. I had to take them so much back in the beginning, including some that were IV that I now react to most of not all of them minus the one I am on currently.

  3. Glad you have a doctor you can trust– & hope you feel better soon & please don’t overdo!!!!!

  4. Oh, that’s lovely to say that about your doctor; that’s so sweet. I hope you feel better soon.

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