Who would I talk to if my office is making me sick?

This query was searched and brought someone to my blog.  Who would I talk to if my office is making me sick is a very good question.

When I was constantly getting sick and before we had any idea what was going on my boss had our office tested.  Of course the person who came in and tested said there was no way all my infections could be related to the office.  The results came back in with moderate amounts of mold.  Again, they felt there was no way that this could be making me sick, yet a few months later we found that fungi was growing in my sinuses.

My answer is that if you believe your office is making you sick you need to first contact your boss.  You may need to contact a health and safety person if your company has one.  You may need to check with the maintenance department to have your office tested for mold.  Or you could buy a simple mold test plate from a home improvement store and do a quick test. Of course, you may also need to do blood tests yourself to determine if you have unusually high IGE reactions to any molds should the office test come back positive.  I was lucky that my boss had the office tested but the district felt that my hypersensitivity to mold and the moderate count in the office could not have been making me sick.  Yet, they offered to move me to another school.  The fight was on!  A very long and hard fight.


3 responses to “Who would I talk to if my office is making me sick?

  1. Is the offer of moving you to another school and admission of guilt? It looks that way.

    • You would have thought. It was made by the same person that said the building couldn’t be making me sick and that I couldn’t file for W/C because of a sensitivity to mold. Fooled him.

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