I have overdone it and cleaned my house today.  I had a list and it seemed simple enough until I decided to deviate from said list to have my husband pull out my stove so I could clean behind, underneath and beside it.  I thought maybe my kitchen problem was coming from something that might have dropped down the side.  Wow, when was the last time I cleaned back there?  YUCK!  It cleaned up easily thanks to my Triple S machine that ozonates water to clean without chemical smells. http://www.triple-s.com/pis/O3%20Stabilization%20Literature%20Files.pdf  Of course then I decided it must be dirty under the refrigerator.    By the way, the ants are still there so my dirt under the stove didn’t have anything to do with it.  (I will edit this post in a day or so and add a picture of mine)

Of course I couldn’t let my list lie there unattended to so have done a little bit of other stuff.  I am just trying to get things done so that I can enjoy the holiday with family and know that my house is cleaned.

I took a peek at my emails and the list is huge!!  If you comment on here or have posted on your blog I hope to get to it tomorrow evening.  A little cleaning left in the morning and then HOORAY I am getting my hair cut.

Talk to you all soon.  I need to get the other half of my kitchen done before I can’t get out of this chair.

Have a good evening and weekend.

8 responses to “Overdone

  1. Don’t over do– take care of your self– & your home doesn’t have to be spotless– if it means your health!!! Take care of you— that is important!!

    • Thank you for the reminder. I am doing ok today. My list is small and what gets done, gets done. A friend is coming over for a cookie baking day tomorrow and I want to have the energy to participate in that. After all my daughter will be here Wednesday, she can help me if I don’t get everything done. What was I thinking? The answer to that questions is, I wasn’t.

  2. Do u go to a hair salon? Do you tolerate the smells? I’ve been cutting my own since sick so curious

  3. Ha, ha! What a coincidence, my daughter and i are getting our hair cut too! We have asked staff to go fragrance free, and book us first thing in the morning before anyone else. We’ll take our own shampoo, conditioner, towels, brushes etc… I’m so nervous, but my daughter is so excited; she’s been so patient. It’s been six months, the hairdresser understands how sick I’ve been cause even he said, my hair looks awful and needs some colour, and i said, I’ve been too sick to even try (even though I didn’t t get sick with Aveda colour last time), it’s just not worth making myself sick on top of everything else, especially while at school. I have this big plan that if I book both hair dressers at the same time, then no one else will come in. I’ll still wear my mask.

    [fingers and toes crossed] 😉

    How about you? Will you wear a mask? How much planning did you put into this? What are you planing to have done? You must be equally excited and nervous?

    • Yes, what a coincidence. You asked if I am nervous and the answer is no because I am having my hair cut at my daughter’s house. I haven’t colored my hair since 2002. I am getting used to the gray but sometimes I really miss having color to in turn give my face a little color. Last time we went a little shorter and added a few more layers and I think I will keep it this way. Even though nothing new is being done I am excited to have something done to it.

      In the beginning my hairdress from before I got sick would cut my hair in the alleyway behind her shop. I would wash my hair and drive over there, sit in a chair, get my hair cut and then drive home to dry it. When she could no longer do it because she sold her shop and went in with someone else, a dear friend found someone to come and cut my hair in my backyard. That person moved and another one came. This lady even agreed to put on a suit to come and cut my hair in my house during winter months. Currently I am driving to my daughter’s house and a hairdresser that she has used there cuts my hair at my daughter’s home. Gee how I miss the experience of having someone wash my hair and be in a salon watchilng others get their hair and nails done but am so thankful that I have been able to find other alternatives.

      Miche – How much fun to have a mother/daughter day at the salon even if you have to wear a mask and have to be there early and book both hairdressers. I hope you have fun and do well. Please let us know how it turned out.

  4. find your comments interesting– as one of the main reasons I have MCS is because for years I was a cosmetologist & also & Image consultant & also worked for a hair color company & did beauty trade shows that I taught other lic. cosmetologist the latest in hair color– did that for years— And the years I was a color expert– I colored my hair as often as I changed my underware–as that sold hair color– & I was also showing the latest in color trends– the years I had an Image consultant company– I taught corrective make up– skin & hair care– & of coarse color analysis– I cut my own hair 99% of the time now– as those chemicals in a salon– are most of what caused my MCS

    • I am not surprised that you developed the chemical sensitivity after years of working in the cosmetology field. Good for you cutting your own hair. I remember the days before I got sick trying to cut the bangs of my daughters. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and they remind me today about those days. I can’t even imagine trying to cut my hair now. I am just very thankful to have been able to find these lovely people willing to cut my hair outside the salon.

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