Cleaning at my house.


“If this floor don’t shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, your backsides will.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Annie where Mrs. Hannigan tells Annie and the other orphans to scrub the floor until it shines.

Well my floor may not shine but it is scrubbed and clean thanks to my two favorite products, the Koblenz Commercial Floor Scrubber and the Triple S O3 machines.

5 responses to “Cleaning at my house.

  1. Cool products. How did you find them? Did someone recommend them or was it trial and error?

    • The Triple S O3 machine was recommended to me by my sister. She was considering buying one and brought one for me to look at. She works for a nationwide cleaning company and some of their customers had requested less toxic cleaning products.

      When I first was cleaning my tile floors with all the indentations (a big mistake buying that tile) I was scrubbing with a brush on my hands and knees because my steamer with cloth only could get the surface clean. I went online and bought a Hoover Spinmaster or Scrubmaster that cost about $250. It still didn’t get the tile clean enough and left me upset over the cost and the fact I was still on my hands and knees. My sister (bless her) went to a service center and asked questions about different kinds of cleaners and scrubbers for tile floors that would be good for personal use versus a large business. She came back and told me about the Koblenz. I found it online and spoke with a representative to determine which model would work best for me. This machine which is commercial grade cost me less than my Hoover. I use my steamer for daily cleaning and then about once a month I bring out the scrubber and deep clean the floors.

  2. I’m going to try and get these here in Australia. I’m often on my hands and knees if I want a good clean, otherwise, I have the Dyson vacuum, which I need to wear a mask when using but, when I was well, I was fine with it. And I use a mop and bucket. When I choose tiles for our ‘project’ I will get ones without the grooves. Thanks for the tip ♥

    • I was so tired of scrubbing my tile floors on my hands and knees. Firstly it would take days to get through the whole house and my back would just ache. I love not having to do that anymore and can now do the whole house in a day if I choose to.

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