My daughter is here for the holidays so I won’t be writing much for the next week. Instead I will repost some of my previous posts for those who may not have read them.


I wonder how many give any thought to how many layers of fragrance they are wearing and the amount of chemicals they are being exposed to as a result of these layers.  I know that I never thought much about it until I became ill and my body refused to tolerate fragrances and chemicals of any kind.

Think about it for a moment.  You get up in the morning and shower using fragrant or scented soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.  You exit the shower and put on scented lotions, hair gels and hairspray.  Next comes make-up and perfumes.  Last you put on your clothes that have been laundered in scented soaps and fabric softeners or worse yet come from the dry cleaner.  Every one of these products you have put on your body is full of chemicals.

Your sense of smell over time becomes dulled as your body masks itself to…

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  1. Kathy:

    I lived in many layers of fragrance before I understood the effects that products with fragrance from chemical sources can have on the body. That happened only after I developed chemical sensitivity and entered treatment at Dr. Rea’s clinic in Dallas. Since treatment ten years ago my husband, Roger, and I have lived a fragrance free life. Two months ago, however, as I was shopping for soap at Whole Foods, my attention was drawn to French-milled almond soap, beautifully packaged and with of all things a sniffing hole! Very smart packaging! The aroma was so wonderful that I decided to try the soap. I am so glad I did. Roger and I love it. Bathing and showering has become such a lovely experience for us. Although I could never tolerate the strong smell of aromatherapy, using this soap seems to have a calming effect, much like what I imagine aromatherapy to have. The smell is mild and doesn’t linger much at all.

    We have recovered from sensitivity, and I’ve written about our recovery in Intentional Healing, which Kathy has mentioned several times. My wish for readers of Kathy’s blog is to reach a point where natural fragrance becomes a comfort. “Natural” is crucial–better for the environment and better for us. You must be at a point , however, when you can experiment to see what you can tolerate without a setback.

    Blessings, Jennie Sherwin

    • Jennie

      I would love to check out the almond soap bar you mentioned. Would you mind telling me the name of it? For years I have used Tom’s of Maine unscented deoderant bars and they no longer make them. I am now using Kirk’s Castille soap. I notice that is does have some fragrance even though it is unscented but so far have been managing with it fine but would love something different.

      I also wish to reach that point of natural fragrance being a comfort. Maybe that is why the 100% castille while having some scent to it does not bother me.

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