I read this post written back in May of this year every now and then to remind me that I want to be a survivor and not “a victim”. I hope all of you who read this for the first time will ask yourself if you are a victim or a survivor. For those of you who have already ready this post, it is a reminder not to let yourself slip into the victim role.


We all have had bad things happen to us.  Some have been in accidents, some have had someone treat them badly and others like myself have developed unusual and life threatening illnesses.    As Joel Osteen has said, “Trouble is inevitable, misery is optional.”

For the first several years I was angry at what happened to me, angry at my workplace where I got sick, angry at friends I lost because I could no longer do what I did before, and angry at the defense’s medical doctors for not believing me and that my workplace had made me ill.

I was a victim and stayed in the victim role with all my anger penetrating deep into my soul.  During my treatment I was constantly with others who were as ill as I was.  We shared stories and tried to comfort each other.  However, they felt as angry and victimized as I did…

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  1. Well said. I noticed phases in my time with this illness so far. At first I was battling and wanted a quick cure and to get back to normal right away. To not accept that i had anything long term. When I did accept it, not sure when exactly, it took so much pressure off and I could focus on letting my body take it’s time instead of over taxing it. Somewhere during that recovery when I started having to cut out things, I was initially morning every little cut out thing. Then, magically, I started to focus on what I can do and finding more new things I could do. This helped SO much; I totally agree. I still have a long road to go.

    • I agree. If we focus on what we can do and not what we can’t do it makes life easier. I had a lot of grief for things lost (my treasures), friends lost, loss of identity (that was very hard to deal with), loss of activities and foods. I still have days when I get very angry (had a total meltdown at the dentist’s office a couple of weeks ago because I felt that this tooth issue wouldn’t have happened if my immune system wasn’t so weakened, if I hadn’t been exposed to mold and if I had been able to go to the dentist more often). ONWARD WE MARCH! LET’S LEAVE BEHIND OUR ANGER!

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