Help me, I am sinking!

Sinking down in my air mattress that is. Christmas day I woke up to a softer than usual air mattress. I thought that maybe it had been too long since I added air to it. I pumped it up and went about enjoying the day with my family. By the time I went to bed it was soft again. Last night I must have added air to the mattress three times because I kept sinking to the bed frame. Of course, it is winter and outgassing another air mattress is going to take forever because it is cold and I don’t have the lovely sunshine to help. I should have listened to my inner voice this past summer that told me to buy an extra one and get it aired out.

So here I am with one useless air mattress and a second one that my daughter is using while she is here visiting for the holidays. She told me this morning that she would sleep on the child’s air mattress reserved for the grandchildren and give up the queen size for me.

None of this has been good for my back or my spirit. We just rolled up the one with the slow leak (that we cannot find) and will move the other one to my room later today. My daughters have also talked about getting together before the younger one flies back to Texas and have lunch and go to a movie. Oh, how that saddens me. I so want to be a part of the fun! It would be fun to get together and meet at an outdoor cafe for breakfast but it is now winter and too cold. I have to rein in my disappointment and remember that there are still things we can do even if I cannot participate in all the things going on around me.

For all my readers and followers, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. With the exception of the mattress, mine was wonderful. I need a few more days to myself to enjoy family and catch up around here after all the holiday hustling. You may see a few more reblogs during my absence.  I will still check in and respond to comments.

8 responses to “Help me, I am sinking!

  1. I’m sooooooooooo glad it is just an air mattress– 🙂 when I read “I’m sinking”– I thought the worst– of where you could be with the illness “MCS” that we share!!!! Enjoy your girls while they are there– glad the girls can have some time together also!!! Sorry – the one air mattress died!! 🙂 We have a “water bed”– that could be really bad– if it died!!!!! 🙂 Enjoy your family while you can!!!!!

  2. Kathy, I share your pain and understand oh so well your comment “my place to sleep”…but have the opposite problem….its the air mattress we sleep on that is causing my rheumatoid in my lower back and hips to keep me awake nights….so thankful that I am not so chemically damaged that I can still sleep on a regular mattress and praying one day soon to be able to afford one! Haven’t had one in 4 years due to cross contamination of the mold in my skin getting into the mattress and making me sick! Just things only us “Mold Warriors” understand!!

  3. You could try putting a piece of foil over a new one? I don’t know, foil is my answer for everything. I’m glad you are enjoying time with your girls. You’ve improved so much, I’m sure you’ve got more to come yet. So just take it easy, hey?

  4. I’ve had a stint on a leaky air mattress- it’s no fun at all!!! I hope you get the rest you need, and I’m glad you had a good Christmas. It’s sad to miss out on fun, but you’re right- what’s most important is that you enjoy the fun you do get. 🙂

  5. Hi, did you sort this out yet?

    • Well I took the air mattress that my daughter was using and she took the small child’s mattress the last few days she was visiting. I am now using the spare air mattress and waiting until I can air out the new one. So for now there can be no guests because there is no spare mattress. Of course it is cold now so airing one out isn’t easy and we are in the moldy time of year.

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