What will you be avoiding today, January 1, 2013?

My mother always said that what you do on New Year’s day, you will be doing all year-long. Hence, you didn’t want to do something that you wouldn’t want to be doing all year-long. So I say to my pile of ironing on the ironing board, “NOT TODAY!”

We also believe, like the southerners, that black eye peas bring good luck. So I will be eating my share of them today. It may not work, but why test fate?

As I thought of these two superstitions this morning I searched and was surprised to find there were so many that I had never heard of. Here are a few of what I found:

Wear new clothes.  According to the superstition this would ensure receiving more new clothes throughout the year.

Avoid crying.  Avoid this if you don’t want to continue the pattern.

Never let money leave the house.  I am guessing that this is to prevent being poor in the new year.

Dance in the open air.  To dance in the open air, especially around a tree, on New Year’s day supposedly insures luck in love and prosperity.  It also insures freedom from ill-health during the coming twelve months.  (I have never heard of this one, but you may find me dancing outside sometime today around the tree in my front yard).

Full cupboards.  It is believed that cupboards stacked full with food, wallets and purses filled with money bring in prosperity.

So what superstitions have you been raised with regarding ringing in the New Year?  What will you be doing/avoiding today?

Happy 2013 to you all and I will be back with my regular posts and topics very soon.


9 responses to “What will you be avoiding today, January 1, 2013?

  1. I slept most of the day. Does that mean I will have a restful year? I hope so.

  2. I was on a secluded beach for new years eve. We stayed until 4 am, so I seriously hope that this has set the tone for 2013 🙂 Fresh air, and moonlight waters!

    • What a beautiful way to spend the beginning of the new year. I hope this says something as well.

      • Yes, me too. And, I’d never thought of it that way, which, having done that now, has inspired me with new hope. (I’m looking at property after property at the moment. I don’t want to blog about it too much, not until I get it right and find the best one. And sign a lease!

  3. Growing up we ate smoked herring. Really gross but my grandmother insisted we do it for good luck. I’ve not done it since I moved out when I was 18!

  4. Apparently the color of panties you wear affects the luck in different areas of your life. Lol. You’ve GOT to post about the tree dance again next year – I need all the health-luck I can get! Don’t let us forget!

    • Didn’t know that. You will have to tell us about that. I went to spend the day at my daughter’s. I told her about the dance around the tree and didn’t remember until we were leaving and it was too late and too dark to find a tree. I hope I didn’t jinx my luck and fortunate and health because of it. SMILE

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