I am allergic to my bonsai tree.

This was a search question that led someone to my blog. Yes it is possible to be allergic to a bonsai tree. We can develop allergies and sensitivities to most anything we come in contact with over time. The other thought is that this person could not only be sensitive/allergic to the bonsai tree but if the plant is indoors they could be reacting to mold in the soil of the plant.

I don’t keep houseplants. I don’t want anything that will remain wet and set up an environment for mold to grow in. I have been recently thinking about growing plants in water to have greenery and to filter the air. I used to root philodendron plants in water and they would just grow like crazy in whatever jar I put them in. I did a little research and found that basically most plants can be grown in water. http://www.rodale.com/easy-houseplants

As soon as I can get some clippings I am going to start my own indoor plant garden.  I promise to post pictures when I get my own going.  Below are some plants that are grown in water.


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  1. PrincessandthePea

    Have you heard of tillandsias? They might work as a plant for those with allergies. I have a severe mold sensitivity and had some luck with succulents and even orchids but again if there is a sensitivity to mold or even sensitivity to the plants themselves, it’s individual for what can and can’t be tolerated. Whenever I handle any plants or pot anything indoors or out I wear an N95 mask and gloves and that makes a BIG difference to my reactivity. I have a local greenhouse pot my plants ever year and another greenhouse over winter my succulents so that I have nice plants in the summer. Succulents I find the best near my doorways as they don’t attract flying bugs (bees mosquitoes etc) and don’t have any scents!

    • I can’t even tolerate the N95 masks. I used to have one of these type of plants years ago. It is something I have considered getting. Thank you for reminding me of them.

  2. I wish you were close to give you hundreds of clippings— I have no problems with house plants– as a matter of fact– I’m BETTER when I have house plants– so I have hundreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could have a cutting off of any you wanted!!!

  3. I can so relate to this, Kathryn. as you know, I’m an avid bonsai collector and a keen gardener; but in the last year, I’ve had to let it all go. On most days my family water my plants because i can’t go out because of fabric softeners and general pollution. I have a few that need repotting, however, I won’t be doing that until I feel better. (I’ve been known to sneak out after midnight to water plants, but I can’t use a hose or disturb the soil or else I’ll have mould symptoms.

    And I can’t keep any plants in the house. I have one Japanese bamboo, which I grow in water so that I can change it regularly.

    I’d say this person is reacting to the mould in the soil. I can’t believe what happens just from having a dig in the soil 😦

    On a positive, I’ve had two days where i’ve been able to garden, trim roses, and hedges, along with the help of my daughter.

    To me, the bonsai tree is symbolic of living in a controlled environment.

  4. Miche – It is so hard. I have flowering plants in pots around the house and hanging in pots on the fence. I can water them but when new soil needs added or plants need to be changed out, I rely on my mother, my sister, daughter or husband. I loved working with my flowers. I have pots because there aren’t all the weeds to be pulled that I can’t do and will not ask others to do.

    • Gardening in my thearpy–& my husband’s also— we have a green house– & we plant our heirloom seeds & start our plants in our green house– & then we have raised garden beds– & I do tons of container gardening!! We compose– so we know what is in our dirt that we raise our food in– then we know it has no chemicals—-we have lots of sun shine– so no mold problems!!! We have lots & lots & lots of flower gardens that I also plant herbs– for cooking– We have several rose gardens-&- fish pond– & I container garden on our huge back deck– & porches & covered patio areas– I have lots of mint– I have cho- & spearment– peppermint– pineapple mint– apple mint– etc -etc etc-etc-over 15 different kinds – that also keep the unwanted bugs off of our porches & decks & patios– We grow every kind of heirloom tomato– peppers– every kind of green– & salad makings– & every kind of squash– etc- etc -etc -etc–it is our haven– it is our escape– & it is beautiful & it feeds us with chemical free food!!!!!!!! And also filters the air–we can be in our back yard & deck– & not know any one is even with in miles of us–even through they are– we have a forrest in back of our yard– & we also plant sunflowers– & many other flowering plants that feed the wild life– & we have planted fruit trees– & also bushes that have berries that feed the wild life– with NO CHEMICALS!!!! IT IS OUR THERPY– & our paradice– & get-away!!!!!!!

  5. How wonderful to be able to do that.

  6. Very interesting. My boyfriend is Japanese and I would love to have a bonsai tree, but I had never thought about the allergy factor. A recent allergy test showed I’m allergic to lots of trees and to mold, among other things. We currently have one houseplant that doesn’t give me any problems, but I hadn’t considered whether getting a bonsai tree could aggravate symptoms. Thanks for the post!

    • It’s bad when you can’t even have a plant inside. I am definitely going to consider the plants in water. I just need to find a plant that I really like and get a clipping.

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