Feds Issue Mold Warning

Ok so how many times have we heard that mold doesn’t really hurt you? Yes, they say, it can cause allergic responses (sneezing, coughing, asthmatic attacks) but it doesn’t really do anything long-term.  No matter how those of us affected by exposure to mold and mycotoxins say it, there are still those that believe it can’t really do any major harm.

My grandson is 19 months old. Before he was born I purchased a Fisher-Price Newborn Rock’N Play Sleeper for my daughter to use. My grandson slept very well in it until he just got too big. In my email today I received an email from Amazon.com stating that Fisher-Price in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission was voluntarily notifying customers of a safety issue. That issue was: Mold can develop between the removable seat cushion and the hard plastic frame of the sleeper when it remains wet/moist or is infrequently cleaned, posing a risk of exposure to mold to infants sleeping in the product. Although mold is not present at the time of purchase, mold growth can occur after use of the product.

So are they now saying mold is a significant problem to health?  To read more about it, you can visit the CBS new site below.



10 responses to “Feds Issue Mold Warning

  1. I too share your confusion about what the government and conventional medical community are stating they believe about mold….on the one hand you hear right and left all the dangers of mold after Super Storm Sandy and yet when I and later Senator Richard Durban (D-ILL) asked OSHA to close the building where I got exposed after 4 out of 9 of us got sick there…I got told they could not help me due to there not being a government regulation on how much mold is dangerous in a building. It did then and still does now frustrate me beyond words!

    • Patricia

      You are so right. It is frustrating beyond words. Because we vary so much in how many ppb we can tolerate, I wonder how standards would help if they used a random group to determine the levels and then someone like you and I come along who are so sensitive that even the slightest amount in an antigen vial when testing can send us into la la land. But there does need to be a better understanding on how mold affects and agreement that it does more than merely cause allergic reactions. They would also have to deal with the mycotoxin issue as well. It makes me crazy even trying to figure out all the variables that would have to be included.

      • Patricia Lush

        Exactly the same conclusion I come to when I try and figure out how to fix the problem. The best I have come up with is that they should not try to regulate the amount of mold spores in the air that are safe, but should just make it manditory to test a building for mold where there are people getting sick with any mold exposure symptoms and if mold is found you then add this fact to the fact that people are getting sick that are in the building and it is these two factors alone that should be what determines if the building is considered safe or not. Mold found plus sickness should equal a finding of a Sick Building and then a mandatory remediation should be ordered if possible or the building is closed and condemned….end of story.

      • Patricia – That seems so simple. Too simple for the government to come up with.

  2. Mold has always been a danger. And you are right that there is a difference of opinion of out there about it.

  3. You are so welcome. You have interesting blogs here!

  4. AMEN— THAT MOLD HAS ALWAYS BEEN A DANGER— the same as toxic chemicals kill— but— trying to get things to change– is easier said then done– that is why our blogs with the information is so important– for education — & making others aware of the facts!!!!!!!! Keep sharing the truth!!!!!

  5. UGH! I hate the whole mold indecisiveness…bad or not. Its almost impossible to avoid since its in everything- they find it in brand new construction. Thanks for sharing this info and bringing the topic back to my mind. I personally think, it depends on the type of mold, but that’s my unscientific thoughts on the matter.

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