Who Needs Organization?

Well I sure do. I have spent most of the day trying to get organized. I am one of those people, though sick, who has to have things just right. I hate to search for something forever only to find it was right in front of me under my steno pad.

Shortly after I started this blog I discovered the search section that allows me to see what search terms were used to lead others to me and my blog. As I read some of them I realized that I could answer the questions, at least from my perspective and experiences. I began copying and pasting them to a blank page and simply titled it “Discussion Items for Blog”. This simple page began to accumulate more and more pages. Whenever I wanted to talk about something I had saved, I couldn’t find it among the numerous search queries I had saved. Meanwhile I am trying to work on my book cover and marketing and promotion which includes collecting and printing all sorts of information. Suddenly I became overwhelmed and anxious at all these various tasks.

What was my solution? I needed some organization.  I needed to get some supplies and organize all this information so it would be readily accessible whenever I needed it.  I needed to think like I thought when I worked in an office and it had to run efficiently.

What did I do? I bought more hanging file folders for my file box used solely for these ventures. I began taking everything I had and separating it into piles. Folders were made. Now in my box I can quickly find my BLOG HOW TO’S folder or my MARKETING/PROMO folder. My information on self-publishing is in a folder as well as the printouts of my “About the Author”, “About the Book”, and the teaser I have selected. I bought a new binder and a set of binder dividers and now it is organized for my blog. I have sections for Past Blog Posts (I have started printing them to make it easier to look for when I need a particular post to refer to), Sources I have used for those past blog posts, my Timeline of Events (all 63 pages from the time I got sick until my short trial), and Blog Discussion Items (separated by food, workers’ comp, mycotoxins, multiple chemical sensitivity, book excerpts, etc.).

So watch out world, here comes an organized woman!

9 responses to “Who Needs Organization?

  1. Love it—I’m glad you are back to your organized self– 🙂 I too have to have a place for everything & everything is it’s place— I am almost too much that way— my husband doesn’t have an organized bone in his body– makes me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 When I don’t feel well– & I get a little behind on things– I can’t stand it until– I have everything back in order & neat & clean & tidy & everything in it’s place!!!! You go girl—

    • I understand how bad it gets when you don’t feel well. Once things get behind, it is so hard to get them righted again. I have also just set up a table in the playroom my grandchildren use so I can sew without having a mess everywhere else in the house. I can simply close the door on a project and walk away. I am on a roll! Hooray for me!

  2. macnroxie@comcast.net

    don’t forget to back-up stuff off the computer and get a copy to one of the girls in case of emergency and you might need a spare

  3. I hate when I am unorganized! The BF has introduced me to a very methodical practice of grouping and cataloging everything. At first I thought it was a little over the top, but I do love the time it saves searching for something. I find I make lists regularly and write everything down, and with this brain fog, being organized has been my savior!

  4. Getting organized takes time, staying organized still takes time but much less time than if you spend all morning looking for something when you could easily have found it if you just filed it away. I would love to hear more about your system.

    • I guess all of yesterday’s organization wasn’t punishment enough. Today I have been feeling under the weather. So what did I do? I had printed off a good portion of my past posts. I have been wanting to do a few more excerpts from my book but didn’t know what I had/had not already quoted. I printed the last of the posts and then went through all of the ones that had excerpts and found them in my rough draft book copy. When I found the quotes I highlighted them. Now I can skim through the book and know what I have already done so I won’t be repeating myself. Wow – now I am really organized and tired.

      • Good for you— I was in advertising for so many years– I try to repeat things on my blog-over & over & over- as I forget how many times people have to read & hear things before it stays with them!!! So I repeat!!! 🙂 Plus how many with MCS have brain fog!!!! 🙂 hee hee

      • Yes I don’t know any MCS person that doesn’t have some form of brain fog.

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