Paperbooks vs E-books and E-Readers

I have written about paper books versus e-readers. The benefit being the convenience of having several books in one spot and not having to off-gas the books if you have chemical sensitivity to ink and new paper. Despite all my other chemical sensitivities, I do not have a sensitivity to ink and only have to avoid new print for a short period during and after my LDA (low dose antigen) therapy.

I have debated whether I wanted one or not. I have always loved holding the books in my hand and the way the paper feels as I turn the page. I have not loved my fingers cramping if I sit too long and read or falling asleep and having the book close without my place being marked to continue later. Despite the negatives I didn’t know if I really wanted an e-reader. However, I have discovered several books I was interested in but they were only available as e-books. Yes I could download them and read them through my computer. But frankly, who wants to sit at their desk and read a book?

My husband decided he wanted to get me one as a Christmas present. He asked me which one I wanted. I had searched and asked questions. I didn’t want a Kindle Fire because I was only going to use it read and not watch movies or use to check email (didn’t plan on using wi-fi). I didn’t want to have to get up in the night if I chose to read in bed and turn off the light (the tile floor is tooo cold). I decided on the Kindle Paperwhite. It was available in wi-fi with 3G (you could turn off the wi-fi but the 3G stayed on like a cell phone) or just as wi-fi (which can be turned off). I chose the Kindle Paperwhite with wi-fi. I have the wi-fi turned off and only download books via a computer connection. I didn’t want the 3G because it would be like having a cell phone in my hand the whole time I was reading.

How do I like my new Kindle Paperwhite? I love it. If I can’t sleep I can turn it on and keep the light setting low enough to be able to read without having to turn on the big light. I like that I can just put it in my lap in the living room while my husband watches football or something I am not interested and just tap the page and it turns. If I fall asleep, it turns off and my last page read is there when I turn it back on. The problem is that I still have several paper books that need reading. I want to read them but am quickly becoming spoiled by newest toy.

3 responses to “Paperbooks vs E-books and E-Readers

  1. Thank you— Gary & I want to purchase something– but not sure what we want– thanks for your review!! We wanted some thing that we can also take in the motor home with us– on trips– & use if there is not wi-fi available!!

  2. I have a kindle fire and I love mine as well. I like the full color because I can stream movies if I like. I visit to check out what available books are free for the Kindle. I also am able to check out some digital books from my local library. I find myself turning off the TV to read so much that we cancelled our cable.

  3. I’ve had the same mixed feelings. I recently tried reading on my husbands tablet. It’s cool, but I’m not totally won over yet. 😉 and I have read a whole book on my computer – would NOT recommend it!

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