What does this say to you?


What does this picture say to you? I am looking at some stock photos for the cover of my book. Tell me what this image conveys to you.

21 responses to “What does this say to you?

  1. It conveys to me that the woman is depressed (mostly from her posture and hair is a little frizzy looking). It is sunny outside and since the window is open, she probably wants to be outside. But for whatever reason, she cannot leave the drab sparsely decorated room.

  2. The picture you’re asking opinions about strikes me as someone who is extremely lonely. Another option: someone wondering if there is more “out there” for them. I agree with Amaryllis – I sense depression. If you’re looking for something re: food allergies, why not have a selection of foods inside a big red circle that’s crossed out? Or something comical.
    I have food allergies. I get “drunk” and act silly. Also I have Myasthenia Gravis which can make me talk like a drunk and walk like one. Add that to Complex-Partial seizures and I have a grand time!!
    For my first book, I selected a woman pointing a pistol right at you. It’s done in red, so it is really an eye catcher. I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next one.
    Find a cover that suits your book. If you’re doing a motivational book, that cover is definitely out. Frankly, even for allergies, I don’t think that cover is suitable. It’s too depressing, like there is no hope.
    Remember, you are the author. It’s up to you to do what you want.

    • My allergies go beyond food allergies. Sensitivities to chemicals, sensitivities and allergies to mold, etc. It makes my life difficult to do things I used to do. The picture I am trying to find is to capture the loneliness and isolation this has caused for me. The cover is so much harder than I ever thought it would be. What was your first book?

      • Since you’re looking for loneliness and despair that picture would be great. My first book is a mystery – Dana’s Dilemma. Dana is a young police officer hoping to go to the FBI. She stops to help a 5-year-old girl and ends up tangling with an escaped convict. He gets the best of Dana and she is left with only the little girl to help her. Of course, she and her new partner get the best of Drago in the end. But they don’t know what to do with each other. There’s no sex, but the tension is there. Minimal swearing. I like the characters.

      • I just added your book to my wish list in Amazaon. As soon as I get caught up, I am going to buy it. Is your next book a sequel?

  3. This is a picture of a depressed woman suffering from physical or mental illness. On many levels she is alone in her suffering. Family, friends, the medical profession, & society have deserted her. The light outside her window is but a dream for her.

  4. Minimalism
    Appreciation for sunlight
    Colourful personality

  5. Ok Kath, am going to go technical on you….the window is open….there have been times of the year that would have been a no no for my allergies back when I was the most sick….so for me seeing the window open I immediately am thinking “close the window” instead of it drawing my attention to the women sitting on the bed….just a thought….other than that though, it is a great picture of a woman on the inside looking out at the world going by her…

    • I have a few others that convey looking out at the world and wanting to be a part of it. This is just one of many that I copied and saved. Hopefully this week I will get the opportunity to delve more deeply into some ideas. Yes, my windows are closed too. Can’t let the pollen and dust in, can’t let the mold spores in. It is mold season now and the mold count is high bordering on very high. Thank you for thinking about the window. I really want to get this book done but the cover is my nemesis.

  6. I’ve turned my back on the world
    It’s lonely here
    stripped everything clean, new beginning no turning back.

    • New beginning – no turning back describes my life and hopefully what my book will convey. It’s lonely here – absolutely – lost a lot of friendships and invitations to do things because of this illness. I’ve turned my back on the world (not sure about that but maybe I did in the beginning). Thank you for your reply.

  7. I agree with what others have said that the woman seems depressed. But, to me, she also seems hopeful. She’s sitting, facing the window, when he could be lying, or facing away from the window. I see it as the first small step towards change.

  8. Hi Kathryn,
    the photo conveys to me: loneliness, despair, and an empty life devoid of possessions. It looks like a safe room, even the bedding looks of a natural nature, which is important. I agree with Patricia though about wanting to “close the window” but at the same time, the open window could represent hope: because as we know, that’s what’s out there: hope (and chemicals and moulds and fabric softeners and woodsmoke and traffic pollution). And she’s definitely depressed; just look at her shoulders! It conveys loneliness and isolation, pity you couldn’t get a pro to Photoshop a mask siting on the floor, or next to her on the bed. That would say it all! But then it might suggest that the window is open due to her being cured. (An actual respirator mask would do the trick–I think every chemically sensitive person would buy it because of the mask. That saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” is true; however, people still do it. Or is that only me? 🙂 )

  9. To me this photos communicates both hopelessness and hope. The bare bed and the few items in the room seem to reflect a life that has been stripped of comfort. The focus, however, is the light-filled window, which captures one’s attention. It holds a promise of something better and indicates hope.

    • Jennie – Your last sentences (The focus, however, is the light-filled window, which captures one’s attention. It hold promise of something better and indicates hope.) capture what I am trying to convey in my book. That yes it has been tough, and yes there were times I didn’t want to go on, but I kept going in hopes of a better something. My subtitle also talks about this: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope. Thank you for your comment. I am not yet sure what I am going to choose for my cover but appreciate all the comments I have received on this topic.

  10. It has a sadness and a hopefulness. The darkness in the room and the woman alone is sad, but the sunlight suggests it’ll be okay.

  11. Sorry, I was reading an old response from you when I noticed that you had asked a question about my second novel. No, it is not a sequel, but I am planning more.
    Also, I went to a website that gave a lot of ideas for natural cleaning. I never would have thought of using mayonnaise to clean anything! I put it on my facebook page if you want to check it out. See under connie terpack

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