Friendship that lasts beyond high school

A friend and former classmate that I had lost contact with and haven’t seen in ages came over yesterday. We reconnected through our reunion page on Facebook.  Yes, he put on one of my lovely one-size-fits-all tyvek suits and sat in my office. We discussed what had been going on in our lives, my cover and strategies for getting my book finished. It is wonderful that someone I haven’t seen in years so readily accepts my disability and the quirkyness required to be my friend again and to enter my home. I am so excited for what is to come with my book and for a renewal of friendship.

I had planned on writing something today. I had my IV cocktail of Vitamin C, Glutathione and Magnesium. I usually am tired after but recover. Today I am very tired and just can’t seem to focus. Not only has the magnesium left me relaxed beyond belief but I think the Vitamin C and Glutathione may be moving stuff around in my body that needs to come out. I can’t seem to think well. I actually came home after over 2 1/2 hours with the IV in my hand to eat lunch and try to do some work here in the office. The tiredness took over and I just crawled into bed with a hot pack around my waist and read for a few hours.  I am discovering more ways to lie down and read with my kindle.  I simply propped it up on a pillow beside me and just tapped the pages as I went.  I even changed the font size so I could take off my glasses should I fall asleep while reading.  I got up and was still cold. I got up took a hot shower and threw on my jammies and robe. I dined in my jammies and robe and read some more. I just came in here for a quick check of what is going on.  Heading back to the living room to read and perhaps back to bed.

I will try again tomorrow.


7 responses to “Friendship that lasts beyond high school

  1. You had a “be kind to yourself” day. Good for you.

    • It was nice to just lie in bed and read and then put my jammies on early. I think I should have a once a week time for just lying in bed and reading (at least a part of the day).

  2. One thing you learn early on when you get sick from toxic mold is who your friends are…..even who in your family accepts you unconditionally! I agree that the ones that stick by us and support, encourage and love us still are truly a gift not to be taken for granted…that’s one of the things the mold has taught me….the value of those who care, support and encourage us!

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  4. I have a few friends from high school I still keep in touch with. My newest daughter-in-law is still friends with a girl from grade school!

    • I was just informed that my high school class is having a get together soon. I am going to try and go – I plan on asking via facebook that they refrain from colonges and perfumes. We will see if that happens.

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