I guess if you have to have Celiac Disease, you need to think of the positives like my blogger friend Amanda at Celiac and Allergy Adventures.

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  1. These 5 things are so true but here are a few more that I find are even better reasons:

    1. you will look younger because you are eating healthier than the majority of people you encounter

    2. you will reduce your risk of getting many serious life threatening diseases

    3. you will feel healthier than most everyone your age still eating grain products

    4. you can’t cheat on your diet unless you want to risk serious health issues so it really makes you behave yourself

    5. you will live a longer healthier life than you would of eating grain

    6. And if you are mold and/or chemical damaged there is every hope that you might end up being healthier in the long run not eating grain than if you had never been exposed and developed the food allergies in the first place.

    I know that for myself personally, I am in better shape now in some areas than I was before exposed to mold…I no longer have acid reflux and my weight is much better! There is also much less inflamation in my intestines now. I haven’t felt this good in the gut since my 20’s! And only about 20 pounds to go to be my ideal weight!

  2. Perspective is everything. Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts keeps the energies around you positive rather than negative, which is a crucial step toward healing. If you think of thought as energy that communicates to us on every level, including the cellular, it is easy to see how thoughts affect us. If you can look upon every experience as an opportunity for growth, then you can reduce stress and keep your energies open and flowing for optimal healing.

  3. Yes – we need to keep the thoughts positive and eliminate as much negative as we can. Thank you Jennie.

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