Parsley – Not just a decoration on your plate.

I read an article from Nutriwellness on the benefits of Parsley.    Just two tablespoons of parsley provides over 150% of your vitamin K needs.    It fights cancer, is good for the heart, protects against rheumatoid arthritis, and can help reduce oxidative stress.  There is also a recipe for Garlic, Lemon and Parsley dressing except I would have to think of what to replace the fresh bread crumbs with because I avoid yeast.  My salad dressing that I make uses a significant amount of parsley as well.



8 responses to “Parsley – Not just a decoration on your plate.

  1. I still have huge pots of parsley & cilantro & rosemary on our covered back patio area– that are still green & growing– even through we have had temps below freezing this winter. I love my herb garden– that I have in containers– & soon the weather will be where I start more seeds in the green house!! And also plant a bigger area– of herbs– I plant plenty of parsley– as it is also food for the caterpillars that turn into butterflys!!

    • I have thought about starting a container herb garden. Where do you get organic herb seeds?

      • KATHY– I GET MOST ALL OF MY HEIRLOOM SEEDS from BAKER CREEK– as they are from here in Mo. & I have ordered from them for many years-& have been pleased with them– & then I can also seed save year to year — but there are many seed comapanies out there that sell no-gmo heirloom seeds–then we raise them with no chemicals!! I have a raised bed– that this is the sceond year for– & I’ll see what comes up from last years seeds that dropped– etc etc– I did many of my herb containers on the back deck & patio area last season– as the bad bugs & skitters hate mint– & rosemary –etc etc–so where we sit outside– I have lots of pots of different kinds of mint– & lots of rosemany–I love fresh herbs–

      • Thank you. I will check them out. I will check out their site.

  2. One alternative for your bread problem is bread made without baker’s yeast. It used to known as Belgian Bread. There are a couple of bakeries left in this country that make it. It is difficult to make because you have to have a starter batch on hand at all times. Don’t ask me I don’t make it, I just eat it. Find it very good, just what I had in the old country. Serenity Farm Bread is one such maker and they are on Facebook. They are located in Leslie, Arkansas. I usually order enough for a month and freeze what comes in. Instructions are on each bag how to revive.It’s not the bread that we are used to in this country, not white and not soft crusted, but delicious.

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